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Hello, Vaadin 👋

A simple "Hello, World" application in Vaadin and Kotlin. Uses Vaadin Boot. Requires Java 17+.

This project can be used as a starting point to create your own Vaadin application. It has the necessary dependencies and files to get you started. Just clone this repo and start experimenting! Import it to the IDE of your choice as a Gradle project.


verticalLayout(classNames = "centered-content") {
    textField("Your name")
    button("Say hello") {
        setPrimary(); addClickShortcut(Key.ENTER)

Uses Karibu-DSL Kotlin bindings for the Vaadin framework.

Note: this example project uses Gradle. For Maven-based example project please visit karibu-helloworld-application-maven.

Online demo

View the online demo.


Please see the Vaadin Boot documentation on how you run, develop and package this Vaadin-Boot-based app.

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