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Cross-platform desktop implementation of TagTime
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Latest (pre)release

This is a cross-platform desktop GUI implementation of TagTime.

To determine how you spend your time, TagTime literally randomly samples you. At random times it pops up and asks what you're doing right at that moment. You answer with tags.

See for the whole story.

Here's a clip of an intrepid user getting pinged by TagTime whilst job hunting. As well as what "project" they're working on, they're also using TagTime to record what tools they're using - in this case, emails. Later, they'll be able to analyze their tags to see how they spend their time on the computer. cast

Inspired by alice0meta.

Installation and Quick Start

Download the latest installer from Releases and run it.

The application will automatically launch in the background on system startup. Preferences can be set via the tray icon.

To view and edit your past pings, right click the tray icon and choose Edit Pings.

To analyze where your time is being spent, check out this Visualizer or use the perl scripts from the original TagTime implementation. At some point you'll be able to analyze your time usage directly from within the app.


Contributions welcome! This is a fun side-project, there's lots to do, and your use-case might be different to mine. Take a look at the issues and raise a new one for feature requests or bug reports. Submit a Pull Request if you've got changes you'd like to contribute. Please see the file for design and development info.


I don't use Beeminder, so haven't implemented support. Pull requests welcome.

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