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Additional ESLint's rules for Node.js

💿 Install & Usage

$ npm install --save-dev eslint eslint-plugin-node
  • Requires Node.js >=8.10.0
  • Requires ESLint >=5.16.0

Note: It recommends a use of the "engines" field of package.json. The "engines" field is used by node/no-unsupported-features/* rules.

.eslintrc.json (An example)

    "extends": [
    "parserOptions": {
        // Only ESLint 6.2.0 and later support ES2020.
        "ecmaVersion": 2020
    "rules": {
        "node/exports-style": ["error", "module.exports"],
        "node/file-extension-in-import": ["error", "always"],
        "node/prefer-global/buffer": ["error", "always"],
        "node/prefer-global/console": ["error", "always"],
        "node/prefer-global/process": ["error", "always"],
        "node/prefer-global/url-search-params": ["error", "always"],
        "node/prefer-global/url": ["error", "always"],
        "node/prefer-promises/dns": "error",
        "node/prefer-promises/fs": "error"

package.json (An example)

    "name": "your-module",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "type": "commonjs",
    "engines": {
        "node": ">=8.10.0"

📖 Rules

  • ⭐️ - the mark of recommended rules.
  • ✒️ - the mark of fixable rules.

Possible Errors

Rule ID Description
node/handle-callback-err require error handling in callbacks
node/no-callback-literal ensure Node.js-style error-first callback pattern is followed
node/no-exports-assign disallow the assignment to exports ⭐️
node/no-extraneous-import disallow import declarations which import extraneous modules ⭐️
node/no-extraneous-require disallow require() expressions which import extraneous modules ⭐️
node/no-missing-import disallow import declarations which import non-existence modules ⭐️
node/no-missing-require disallow require() expressions which import non-existence modules ⭐️
node/no-new-require disallow new operators with calls to require
node/no-path-concat disallow string concatenation with __dirname and __filename
node/no-process-exit disallow the use of process.exit()
node/no-unpublished-bin disallow bin files that npm ignores ⭐️
node/no-unpublished-import disallow import declarations which import private modules ⭐️
node/no-unpublished-require disallow require() expressions which import private modules ⭐️
node/no-unsupported-features/es-builtins disallow unsupported ECMAScript built-ins on the specified version ⭐️
node/no-unsupported-features/es-syntax disallow unsupported ECMAScript syntax on the specified version ⭐️
node/no-unsupported-features/node-builtins disallow unsupported Node.js built-in APIs on the specified version ⭐️
node/process-exit-as-throw make process.exit() expressions the same code path as throw ⭐️
node/shebang suggest correct usage of shebang ⭐️✒️

Best Practices

Rule ID Description
node/no-deprecated-api disallow deprecated APIs ⭐️

Stylistic Issues

Rule ID Description
node/callback-return require return statements after callbacks
node/exports-style enforce either module.exports or exports
node/file-extension-in-import enforce the style of file extensions in import declarations ✒️
node/global-require require require() calls to be placed at top-level module scope
node/no-mixed-requires disallow require calls to be mixed with regular variable declarations
node/no-process-env disallow the use of process.env
node/no-restricted-import disallow specified modules when loaded by import declarations
node/no-restricted-require disallow specified modules when loaded by require
node/no-sync disallow synchronous methods
node/prefer-global/buffer enforce either Buffer or require("buffer").Buffer
node/prefer-global/console enforce either console or require("console")
node/prefer-global/process enforce either process or require("process")
node/prefer-global/text-decoder enforce either TextDecoder or require("util").TextDecoder
node/prefer-global/text-encoder enforce either TextEncoder or require("util").TextEncoder
node/prefer-global/url-search-params enforce either URLSearchParams or require("url").URLSearchParams
node/prefer-global/url enforce either URL or require("url").URL
node/prefer-promises/dns enforce require("dns").promises
node/prefer-promises/fs enforce require("fs").promises

Deprecated rules

These rules have been deprecated in accordance with the deprecation policy, and replaced by newer rules:

Rule ID Replaced by
node/no-hide-core-modules (nothing)
node/no-unsupported-features node/no-unsupported-features/es-syntax and node/no-unsupported-features/es-builtins

🔧 Configs

This plugin provides three configs:

  • plugin:node/recommended considers both CommonJS and ES Modules. If "type":"module" field existed in package.json then it considers files as ES Modules. Otherwise it considers files as CommonJS. In addition, it considers *.mjs files as ES Modules and *.cjs files as CommonJS.
  • plugin:node/recommended-module considers all files as ES Modules.
  • plugin:node/recommended-script considers all files as CommonJS.

Those preset config:

  • enable no-process-exit rule because the official document does not recommend a use of process.exit().
  • enable plugin rules which are given in the above table.
  • add {ecmaVersion: 2019} and etc into parserOptions.
  • add proper globals into globals.
  • add this plugin into plugins.


🚥 Semantic Versioning Policy

eslint-plugin-node follows semantic versioning and ESLint's Semantic Versioning Policy.

  • Patch release (intended to not break your lint build)
    • A bug fix in a rule that results in it reporting fewer errors.
    • Improvements to documentation.
    • Non-user-facing changes such as refactoring code, adding, deleting, or modifying tests, and increasing test coverage.
    • Re-releasing after a failed release (i.e., publishing a release that doesn't work for anyone).
  • Minor release (might break your lint build)
    • A bug fix in a rule that results in it reporting more errors.
    • A new rule is created.
    • A new option to an existing rule is created.
    • An existing rule is deprecated.
  • Major release (likely to break your lint build)
    • A support for old Node version is dropped.
    • A support for old ESLint version is dropped.
    • An existing rule is changed in it reporting more errors.
    • An existing rule is removed.
    • An existing option of a rule is removed.
    • An existing config is updated.

📰 Changelog

❤️ Contributing

Welcome contributing!

Please use GitHub's Issues/PRs.

Development Tools

  • npm test runs tests and measures coverage.
  • npm run coverage shows the coverage result of npm test command.
  • npm run clean removes the coverage result of npm test command.