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jonahsnider commented Nov 1, 2020

Describe the bug

When using an image URL like for a version that isn't published the image returns a placeholder, but the placeholder gets cached. After the version is published the placeholder image stays cached.

To Reproduce

Visit an image URL for a version that didn't exist at image generation time.

sindresorhus commented Mar 14, 2019

My goal is to have the best documentation for each provided type.

If something is unclear in any of the types, please comment or open a PR to improve it.

Some things you could contribute:

  • Fix typos.
  • Improved description of the type.
  • More examples.
  • Provide more real-world use-cases. This helps the user understand where a type might come in handy.
  • Add links to relevant discu
davazp commented Apr 21, 2021

Using the latest release 2.2.8, the typescript definition file in the package is defined like

import Hashids from '../lib/hashids'

export = Hashids

with that import to the source code. Unfortunately, this is less robust than building Typescript and including the definitions only, as the success of the build depends on the user having a compatible Typescript configuration.


yjhmelody commented Mar 12, 2021

I use Array<Uint8Array> as a value. But The uint8Array is treated as string.

function arrayString(val) {
  var result = '{'
  for (var i = 0; i < val.length; i++) {
    if (i > 0) {
      result = result + ','
    if (val[i] === null || typeof val[i] === 'undefined') {
      result = result + 'NULL'
    } else if (Array.isArray(val[i])) {
      result = result + arrayStr
E-Mud commented Feb 5, 2019

Currently, InfiniteScroll adds the scroll listeners only when mounting. That means that if the scroll target (whether it's specified or default to window) changes, the component won't request a new page load if there's some scroll in the new target.

I guess the solution is to check in componentWillReceiveProps if there's some change in target, and if it's the case, remove the current lis

Created by Isaac Z. Schlueter

Released January 12, 2010