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Contributing - html-duration-picker

Contributions and suggestions are very welcome and wanted. I try to respond to pull requests within 48 hours. To contribute simply

  1. Fork the repository.

    How do I do this?

  2. Clone your forked repository and setup development environment

    git clone
    cd html-duration-picker.js
    npm install


  3. Make the fix or add feature to src/html-duration-picker.js

    OPTIONAL: To preview locally on a development server, run

    npm run dev
  4. Run tests to make sure there are no lint errors

    npm test
  5. Sync your fork to make sure you have the latest changes.

    # Fetch upstream master and merge with your repo's master branch
    git fetch upstream
    git checkout master
    git merge upstream/master
    # If there were any new commits, rebase your development branch
    git checkout newfeature
    git rebase master


  6. Create a pull request.


  7. Wait for the maintainer to respond.

Thank you for you for your awesome contribution :-)

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