sync library for multiuser realtime applications for NDN
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ChronoSync: synchronization library for distributed realtime applications for NDN

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If you are new to the NDN community of software generally, read the Contributor's Guide.

In supporting many distributed applications, such as group text messaging, file sharing, and joint editing, a basic requirement is the efficient and robust synchronization of knowledge about the dataset such as text messages, changes to the shared folder, or document edits. This library implements the ChronoSync protocol, which exploits the features of the Named Data Networking architecture to efficiently synchronize the state of a dataset among a distributed group of users. Using appropriate naming rules, ChronoSync summarizes the state of a dataset in a condensed cryptographic digest form and exchange it among the distributed parties. Differences of the dataset can be inferred from the digests and disseminated efficiently to all parties. With the complete and up-to-date knowledge of the dataset changes, applications can decide whether or when to fetch which pieces of the data.

ChronoSync uses ndn-cxx library as NDN development library.

ChronoSync is an open source project licensed under GPL 3.0 (see for more detail). We highly welcome all contributions to the ChronoSync code base, provided that they can licensed under GPL 3.0+ or other compatible license.


Please submit any bugs or issues to the ChronoSync issue tracker:

Installation instructions




To build ChronoSync from the source:

./waf configure
sudo ./waf install

To build on memory constrained platform, please use ./waf -j1 instead of ./waf. The command will disable parallel compilation.

If configured with tests: ./waf configure --with-tests), the above commands will also generate unit tests in ./build/unit-tests