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@clemahieu clemahieu released this Feb 15, 2018 · 1572 commits to master since this release

Note: wallet binaries from this release have been removed for a critical UI bug. The bug has been fixed in 10.0.1

This release contains countless performance improvements in regards to bootstrapping, synchronization, and resource usage as well as variety of bug fixes and UI improvements. A major overhaul has been done to the underlying synchronization code, which greatly improves the usability of the Nano wallet for the average user.

This release is the precursor to the full UI redesign being released in the very near future. Regardless, it is recommended to upgrade to this version until then for the performance optimizations.

Major overhaul to bootstrapping & block synchronization system
Significant reduction in bandwidth utilization, especially for representative nodes

User Interface:
Fixed UI responsiveness during incoming transaction processing
Improved account balance formatting
Various small UI tweaks

The send RPC has a new “id” parameter that guarantees idempotency when the parameter is utilized. PR #610
HTTP connections are now closed properly. This fixes an issue with certain HTTP clients receiving socket reset exceptions.
Added CORS support PR #244

Bug fixes:
Various potential race conditions in the bootstrapping, synchronization, startup and shutdown processes have been identified and resolved.
Logging fixes/improvements

Other changes:
FreeBSD build now supported PR #600
Added support for --data_path on commandline for all switches PR #586
Initial representative weights are derived from a snapshot during bootstrapping PR #566
SIMD optimizations have been disabled by default PR #352
Updated to Boost 1.66
Added log rotation parameters and max bootstrap connections to config.json
Added command line option to ‘vacuum’ the local datastore. PR #411

Hash2 has been removed from this release pending further optimizations. If you were running on master, you may need to reinitialize the ledger as the database format is incompatible with this release.

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