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The world's easiest, most powerful random function.


🙉 What's all the hullabaloo?

Rando.js helps JavaScript developers code randomness more simply, readably, and securely. Whether you need to find a random int/float between two numbers, pick a random value from an array, choose a random element from your jQuery object, grab a character from a string, toss a coin, or do anything of the like while even preventing repetitions, we've got you covered at a cryptographically strong level. The best part? Our library is extremely lightweight and developer friendly- which means it won't take a toll on your project, and it's uber-simple to implement.

Fast implementation

Step 1: Paste the following script tag into the head of your HTML document:

<script src=""></script>

Or, use npm:

npm i @nastyox/rando.js

//Then, paste this at the top of your JavaScript file:
const {rando, randoSequence} = require('@nastyox/rando.js');

//Note: If your project is a module, you can paste this in your JavaScript file instead:
import {rando, randoSequence} from '@nastyox/rando.js';

Step 2: Use any of the commands explained at however you like.

🎉 Examples

 rando()                       //a floating-point number between 0 and 1 (could be exactly 0, but never exactly 1)  
 rando(5)                      //an integer between 0 and 5 (could be 0 or 5)  
 rando(5, 10)                  //a random integer between 5 and 10 (could be 5 or 10)  
 rando(5, "float")             //a floating-point number between 0 and 5 (could be exactly 0, but never exactly 5)  
 rando(5, 10, "float")         //a floating-point number between 5 and 10 (could be exactly 5, but never exactly 10)  
 rando(true, false)            //either true or false  
 rando(["a", "b"])             //{index:..., value:...} object representing a value of the provided array OR false if array is empty  
 rando({a: 1, b: 2})           //{key:..., value:...} object representing a property of the provided object OR false if object has no properties  
 rando($("div"))               //{index:..., value:...} object representing a jQuery element from the provided jQuery element set OR false if the provided jQuery element set does not contain any elements.  
 rando("Gee willikers!")       //a character from the provided string OR false if the string is empty. Reoccurring characters will naturally form a more likely return value  
 rando(null)                   //ANY invalid arguments return false  

⇢ Prevent repetitions by grabbing a sequence and looping through it

 randoSequence(5)              //an array of integers from 0 through 5 in random order  
 randoSequence(5, 10)          //an array of integers from 5 through 10 in random order  
 randoSequence(["a", "b"])     //an array of {index:..., value:...} objects representing the values of the provided array in random order  
 randoSequence({a: 1, b: 2})   //an array of {key:..., value:...} objects representing the properties of the provided object in random order  
 randoSequence($("div"))       //an array of {index:..., value:...} objects representing all jQuery elements from the provided jQuery element set in random order.   
 randoSequence("Good gravy!")  //an array of the characters of the provided string in random order  
 randoSequence(null)           //ANY invalid arguments return false

👏 Supporters

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