MPEG 1 & 2 Decoder for Layers 1, 2, & 3
C# Batchfile

NLayer is a fully managed MP3 to WAV decoder. The code was originally based on JavaLayer (v1.0.1), which has been ported to C#. Use in conjunction with NAudio for file conversion and real-time playback.

Was previously hosted at Please see the history there for full details of contributors.

How to use it with NAudio:

You need to reference NAudio, NLayer and NLayer.NAudioSupport

using NAudio.Wave;
using NLayer.NAudioSupport;

Then create an Mp3FileReader, passing in a FrameDecompressorBuilder that uses the Mp3FrameDecompressor from NLayer.NAudioSupport

var fileName = "myMp3File.mp3";
var builder = new Mp3FileReader.FrameDecompressorBuilder(wf => new Mp3FrameDecompressor(wf));
var reader = new Mp3FileReader(fileName, builder);
// play or process the file, e.g.: