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National Center for Biomedical Ontology


  1. bioportal_web_ui bioportal_web_ui Public

    Forked from ontoportal/ontoportal_web_ui

    A Rails application for biological ontologies

    Ruby 20 2

  2. ontologies_api ontologies_api Public

    Forked from ontoportal/ontologies_api

    Hypermedia API for NCBO's ontology-related projects

    Ruby 25 10

  3. ontologies_linked_data ontologies_linked_data Public

    Forked from ontoportal/ontologies_linked_data

    Models and serializers for ontologies and related artifacts backed by 4store

    Ruby 17 8

  4. bioportal-project bioportal-project Public

    Serves to consolidate (in Zenhub) all public issues in BioPortal

    7 5


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