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Flame Example

This is an example of a small real world-ish program.

The only setup required after cloning is to run npm install.

There are 3 iterations of a server that responds with a JSON payload containing an millisecond timestamp date, and an ID.

  1. Responds with a payload generated by a sub-optimal function
  2. Responds with a payload generated by an optimal function
  3. Responds with a payload generated by with a smaller call-graph
  4. Responds with a payload generated without a serializer (without JSON.stringify)

Each should produce different Flame results indicating the stack profiles of each.

Upon profiling 1 you should see a very few request per second.

Running 2 you should see much higher requests per second, about 50x faster than 1.

Running 3 you should see around double the amount of requests per second versus 2.

Running 4 you should see roughly a 10% improvement versus 3.

To get started, generate a flame graph for the first server:

clinic flame --on-port 'autocannon localhost:$PORT' -- node 1-server-with-slow-function.js