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Near Enhancement Proposals (NEPs) describe standards for the Near Protocol, including core protocol specfication, APIs, contract standards and process workflows such as NEPs themselves.


  • Copy to text/ (where "my-feature" is descriptive. don't assign an NEP number yet).
  • If applicable, link to the issued in specific repositories;
  • Fill in the NEP. Put care into the details: NEPs that do not present convincing motivation, demonstrate understanding of the impact of the design, or are disingenuous about the drawbacks or alternatives tend to be poorly received.
  • Submit a pull request. As a pull request the NEP will receive design feedback from the larger community, and the author should be prepared to revise it in response.
  • Build consensus and integrate feedback. NEPs that have broad support are much more likely to make progress than those that don't receive any comments. Feel free to reach out to the NEP assignee in particular to get help identifying stakeholders and obstacles.
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