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API for List of Senior High Schools grabbed from DepEd.
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ATTENTION: This project is no longer maintained. Please go to for the the maintained fork by @sorxrob. Repo deleted and the project is now unusable. See the blog post for details.


A list of Senior High Schools from DepEd now in an API. Original data

Why did you do it?

DepEd's site sucks so I decided to make my own project that can search for schools based on their offerings.

How did you do it?

I scraped the DepEd's website using Ruby, Wombat gem, deep_merge, and some free time. For the server, I used typicode/json-server for light handling and fast public API setup.

How to use it?

Public API

I maintained a public API that can be used in web projects and it's very easy to get aboard. It updates whenever there are new changes to this repo:

Here's also a mirror:

For documentation regarding the use of the public API, click here.


  1. You can simply consume it directly by using this URL:

or... 2. Generate your own:

# Install first the dependencies.
$ gem install deep_merge wombat

# 1. Execute the script.
$ ruby aggregator/scraper.rb

# 2. Merge all data scraped using this script.
$ ruby aggregator/collector.rb


Simply run npm install or yarn install and start using it by simply executing the npm run start command.

Disclaimer / Note

I would suggest to use it on a monthly basis as DepEd's servers may overload or else we can't able to grab data again :(

(c) 2017 nedpals

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