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The nem2 Command Line Interface (CLI) is a unified tool to interact with the NEM2 Blockchain.

This tool will enable you perform the most common and regular used actions in NEM2 (a.k.a Catapult)


The nem2-cli is distributed using the node package manager npm.

npm install nem2-cli -g

The nem2-cli works on NodeJS versions:

  • 8.9.X
  • 9.X.X

⚠️ nem2-cli does not encrypt the profiles yet. Use it just on test environments.

Documentation and Getting Started

Get started and learn more about nem2-cli, check the official documentation

CLI Releases

The release notes for the nem2-cli can be found here.


This project is developed and maintained by NEM Foundation. Contributions are welcome and appreciated. You can find nem2-cli on GitHub; Feel free to start an issue or create a pull request. Check CONTRIBUTING before start.

Getting help

We use GitHub issues for tracking bugs and have limited bandwidth to address them. Please, use the following available resources to get help:


Copyright (c) 2018 NEM Licensed under the Apache License 2.0