NEO Enhancement Proposals
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NEO Enhancement Proposals

NEO Enhancement Proposals (NEPs) describe standards for the NEO platform, including core protocol specifications, client APIs, and contract standards.


First review NEP-1. Then clone the repository and add your NEP to it. There is a template NEP here. Then submit a Pull Request to this repository.

Table of Contents

# Title Author Type Status
1 NEP Purpose and Guidelines Erik Zhang Meta Active
2 Passphrase-protected private key Erik Zhang Standard Final
3 NeoContract ABI Erik Zhang Standard Final
4 Dynamic Contract Invocation localhuman, unignorant Standard Replaced
5 Token Standard Tyler Adams, luodanwg, tanyuan, Alan Fong Standard Final
6 Wallet Standard Erik Zhang Standard Final
7 Triggers for NeoContract Erik Zhang Standard Final
8 Stack Isolation for NeoVM Erik Zhang Standard Final
9 URI Scheme Andrei, Apisit Standard Final
10 Composite Smart Contracts Michael Herman Standard Final
11 Non-fungible Token Standard Joe Stewart, Shane Mann Standard Accepted
Superconductive Exchange Standard Stub
Dynamic Sharding Standard Stub
Compact Block Relay Standard Stub
Peer Authentication Standard Stub
Aggregate Signature Standard Stub
SM2 Cryptography Standard Stub
Homomorphic Encryption Standard Stub
Zero-knowledge proof Standard Stub
Stealth Addresses Standard Stub
NeoID Standard Stub
NeoFS Standard Stub
NeoX Standard Stub
NeoQS Standard Stub