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The Neo Project

Neo is an open-source community-driven blockchain platform. The main products you can find here are Neo blockchain node, developer tools and documentation. PRs and issues are welcome in every repository.


You can get the node from the neo repository. Take a look at neo-modules as well, because it contains many useful plugins for it (like RPC server that is not a part of the default node).

Developer tools

To develop smart contracts for Neo in C# you need neo-devpack-dotnet. neo-debugger can be used to debug contracts written in any language. See also:


Documentation and websites

proposals is where Neo standards (aka Neo Enhancement Proposals or NEPs) are maintained. These are the ultimate reference for protocol operation and inter-component interfaces. They're however a bit more formal and we recommend starting from documentation below for beginners.

docs is what drives, the reference source of documentation on concepts and system APIs. neo-dev-portal is the repository behind which covers more diverse spectrum of tools and provides more complete integration examples. is about contents, if you've spotted a typo there you're welcome to submit issue/PR.

Special ones

non-native-contracts contains some well-known contracts (like NNS) deployed to both testnet and mainnet and useful for general audience.


  1. neo neo Public

    NEO Smart Economy

    C# 3.5k 1k

  2. proposals proposals Public

    NEO Enhancement Proposals

    135 113

  3. neo-devpack-dotnet neo-devpack-dotnet Public

    NEO Development Pack

    C# 78 98

  4. neo-express neo-express Public

    Neo Private Net optimized for development scenarios

    C# 36 33


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