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django CMS Installer

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Command to easily bootstrap django CMS projects

  • Free software: BSD license


djangocms-installer is a console wizard to help bootstrapping a django CMS project.

Refer to django CMS Tutorial on how to properly setup your first django CMS project.


Version 2.0 dropped support for Python 2.7, django CMS < 3.7 and Django < 2.2. More 1.2.x versions may be released after 1.2 is out in case important bugfixes will be needed.


To create your first django CMS project run:

djangocms my_project

That's all!

This command will:

  • Create a Django project
  • Install django CMS and its core plugins
  • Create and populate the database
  • Install default templates

Just run runserver, go to http://localhost:8000 , login with user admin (same password) and enjoy your first django CMS project.

More at django CMS Tutorial and installer usage page


For detailed information see

Preliminary checks and system libraries

While this wizard try to handle most of the things for you, it doesn't check for all the proper native (non python) libraries to be installed. Before running this, please check you have the proper header and libraries installed and available for packages to be installed.

Libraries you would want to check:

  • libjpeg (for JPEG support in Pillow)
  • zlib (for PNG support in Pillow)
  • postgresql (for psycopg2)
  • libmysqlclient (for Mysql)
  • python-dev (for compilation and linking)

For additional information, check

Supported versions

The current supported version matrix is the following:

  Django 2.2 Django 3.0
django CMS 3.7 Supported Supported

See version 1.2 for older Django / django CMS versions support

Any beta and develop version of Django and django CMS, by its very nature, it's not supported, while it still may work.

djangocms-installer tries to support beta versions of django CMS when they are be considered sufficiently stable by the upstream project.


djangocms-installer assumes that is installed in the same directory as python executable, which is the standard virtualenv layout. Other installation layouts might work, but are not officially supported.

Windows support

The installer is tested on Windows 7 with Python versions 3.4.2 and 2.7.8 installed using official MSI packages available at

Please check that the .py extension is associated correctly with Python interpreter:

c:\> assoc .py

c:\>ftype Python.File
Python.File="C:\Windows\py.exe" "%1" %*
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