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Change for, a leaderboard of top open-source static site content management systems.


Missing a static site generator here? Just fork the repo and add your generator as a <name>.md in the content/projects folder.

Make sure to follow the following rules:

  • Static Site Generation: No "flat-file CMSs". The program must be able to output a static website that can be hosted in places like Netlify, S3 or Github Pages.
  • Stick to the format: Fill out all the same fields as the other CMS's in content/projects.
  • Short description: Keep all the details for the body text, keep the description for the overview page short and sweet.


Be sure that you have the latest node, npm and Hugo installed. If you need to install hugo, run:

brew install hugo

Next, clone this repository and run:

npm install
npm start

Then visit http://localhost:3000/ - BrowserSync will automatically reload CSS or refresh the page when stylesheets or content changes.

To build your static output to the /dist folder, use:

npm run build

Netlify is built and maintained by Netlify, a hosting and automation service for static websites and apps.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.