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CI-Eye logobecause it's not easy being green


CI-Eye is an infrastructure agnostic Continuous Integration build radiator requiring no installation and almost no set-up. How cool is that?

CI-Eye talks to many different CI servers through their public APIs (so no plug-ins required). Currently, support is offered for Hudson, Jenkins, and TeamCity, with plans for expansion to include other favourites.

CI-Eye runs as a standalone web application, so just spin up the jar and launch your favourite web browser. Done.

CI-Eye is fun, and that's really important for your radiator... There are pictures everywhere, which really gets your team going.


Grab the latest stable release here:


None. No, really. Just run the Jar, that's all:

java -jar ci-eye.jar 8888

That's it? You bet -- now just fire up a browser and hit http://localhost:8888/ and you're away.


Just a little bit -- even I can stay awake.

  • settings are stored in the .ci-eye/ directory, found in your home directory
  • views.txt defines the views that are presented on the radiator
  • pictures.txt defines committer pics, with the pictures/ sub-directory storing the images (or you can use Gravatar)
  • defines the logging settings, with log files usually stored in the logs/ sub-directory

For the keen amongst us, there is some in-depth documentation of configuration.


Demo Mode

Building From Source

If you want to obtain (and build) the latest source code, perform the following:

git clone git://
ant jar


Thanks to @codebetterCI for hosting a TeamCity CI project for CI-Eye itself -- see

Thanks to TIM Group, my employer, for their help and support -- and for being live guinea-pigs for CI-Eye.


Copyright © 2011-, Tom Denley. Licensed under Apache 2 License.

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