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juzna commented Jul 31, 2012

Upload bluescreen dump (Ladenka) by one click, share link with others to get quick help.

This is just a proof of concept and request for discussion.

Someone has problem, so she copy&pastes error message into forum/chat and asks for help. But with very few details it's so hard to spot the problem.

What if she could have shared full dump with just one click and share this instead. The community would solve problems much faster and help much more people.

In your dump:
one click example



  • this is just a quick hack
  • server needs to be configurable (in config.neon)
  • cloud service will be opensourced so that companies can run their private instances
  • will not use jQuery (it is there just to make it quickly)
@juzna juzna experiment: cloud storage for bluescreen dump
upload by one click, share link with others to get help

i like it very much

juzna commented Jul 31, 2012

Btw it works now, the cloud service is online. So feel free to merge this patch and start using it ;)

hrach commented Jul 31, 2012

Wow! Awesome idea! :) Nette should run own bluescreen cloud, eg. bluescreen.nette.org :)

juzna commented Aug 2, 2012

I just uploaded the very simple cloud service to GitHub. Feel free to fork.

For now it's running on my server and it's available on http://ladenka.juzna.cz where I'll keep it updated running unless decided otherwise by the community.

juzna commented Aug 2, 2012

Security considerations:

  • exposing server info - we may remove section Environment which contains most of such info. Can there be something critical in other sections as well?
  • full path disclosure - let's obfuscate the path, replace ROOT_DIR with .../
  • one can crawl thru all uploaded dumps - let's have sha1 hash of the full dump in URL instead of autoincrement. Adversary won't be able to enumerate.
  • add option to delete a dump you uploaded, if you've noticed some critical data there. There are several ways how to achieve this

Please share your security worries as well. Thx


Great idea and job! This comes very handy mainly for starters.


good job!

juzna commented Aug 3, 2012

I just realized I'd need it in my company as well. I just spotted an error on my dev machine and I'd love to send it to the cloud and create new issue with the link, so that someone else could fix it. Damn how much I miss this feature.

juzna commented Aug 3, 2012

Hehe, just found a solution: bookmarklets.

Copy from here + Gist (they cannot be inserted into markdown)

dg commented Mar 30, 2013

@juzna please mention this issue in Tracy RFC.

@dg dg closed this Mar 30, 2013
@juzna juzna deleted the juzna:f-bluescreen-cloud branch Apr 21, 2013
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