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develar commented Aug 20, 2013

Netty is widely used in IntelliJ IDEA — java compiler server, built-in server (xmlrpc, json), built-in web server, js debuggers and so on. I have tried to migrate to Netty 4, but encountered a problem — we cannot use now our shared (application level) executor service. We cannot use thread factory — application doesn't expose it and you cannot create threads, you must use shared pool of threads (exposed as executor service).

Please review my pull request:

  1. Previous public API is not removed, you can use thread factory as before.
  2. All tests passed. Code (SingleThreadEventExecutor:780)
if (interrupted) {

may be is not good solution (without it test SingleThreadEventLoopTest.scheduleLaggyTaskAtFixedRateB will be failed) but all works and I have tried to minimise my changes.

ghost commented Aug 20, 2013

Build result for #1762 at ebdca3e: Success

@bk1te bk1te commented on an outdated diff Aug 20, 2013
- if (threadFactory == null) {
+ if (executor == null) {
throw new NullPointerException("threadFactory");
bk1te Aug 20, 2013 Contributor

throw new NullPointerException("executor");

@develar develar fix NPE message in the SingleThreadEventExecutor constructor, restore…
… MultithreadEventExecutorGroup constructor javadoc

[#1762] ability to use Executor instead of ThreadFactory
ghost commented Aug 20, 2013

Build result for #1762 at 853960a: Success

@normanmaurer normanmaurer commented on the diff Aug 20, 2013
@@ -130,8 +142,7 @@ public final int executorCount() {
* called for each thread that will serve this {@link MultithreadEventExecutorGroup}.
- protected abstract EventExecutor newChild(
normanmaurer Aug 20, 2013 Member

This is a API breakage so not sure we can do it in a 4.0.x release. Maybe we could as only transport implementation will extend this at most cases.

develar Aug 21, 2013 Contributor

Other API breakage fixed (constructors restored). In this case we can do https://gist.github.com/develar/6292573, but I don't like this solution (abstract method is not declared as abstract, type cast).

Maybe we could as only transport implementation will extend this at most cases

I am agree. It is low level.

@normanmaurer normanmaurer commented on an outdated diff Aug 20, 2013
* @param addTaskWakesUp {@code true} if and only if invocation of {@link #addTask(Runnable)} will wake up the
* executor thread
protected SingleThreadEventExecutor(
- EventExecutorGroup parent, ThreadFactory threadFactory, boolean addTaskWakesUp) {
+ EventExecutorGroup parent, Executor executor, boolean addTaskWakesUp) {
normanmaurer Aug 20, 2013 Member

API breakage... need to preserve old constructor

@normanmaurer normanmaurer commented on an outdated diff Aug 20, 2013
+ * with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at:
+ *
+ * http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
+ *
+ * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
+ * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
+ * WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
+ * License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
+ * under the License.
+ */
+package io.netty.util.concurrent;
+import java.util.concurrent.Executor;
+import java.util.concurrent.ThreadFactory;
+public class ThreadPerTaskExecutor implements Executor {
@normanmaurer normanmaurer commented on an outdated diff Aug 20, 2013
- protected SingleThreadEventLoop(EventLoopGroup parent, ThreadFactory threadFactory, boolean addTaskWakesUp) {
normanmaurer Aug 20, 2013 Member

Need to preserve constructor as otherwise it's API breakage.

@normanmaurer normanmaurer commented on an outdated diff Aug 20, 2013
* registered {@link Channel}s
* @param args arguments which will passed to each {@link #newChild(Object...)} call.
- protected ThreadPerChannelEventLoopGroup(int maxChannels, ThreadFactory threadFactory, Object... args) {
normanmaurer Aug 20, 2013 Member

Need to preserve constructor for non API breakage


@trustin wdyt ?

@develar develar restore old constructors — accept ThreadFactory
[#1762] ability to use Executor instead of ThreadFactory
ghost commented Aug 21, 2013

Build result for #1762 at 9176cea: Success

trustin commented Aug 23, 2013

I think the backward compatibility issue is tolerable. Perhaps it's time to release 4.1.0? Because we are going to ship SockJS together, which might not be as stable as expected, it's probably gonna be 4.1.0.Alpha1?

@normanmaurer normanmaurer was assigned Aug 28, 2013

@develar was merged in and will be part of 4.1.0.Alpha1. Thanks!

@opticyclic opticyclic pushed a commit to opticyclic/intellij-community that referenced this pull request Nov 13, 2013
@develar develar 4.1.0. update netty (now it is not patched build, netty/netty#1762) a748474
develar commented Nov 15, 2013

Could you please clarify — 4.1.0 will be released from the master branch?

develar commented Nov 29, 2013

Could you please clarify — 4.1.0 will be released from the master branch?


@develar we plan to release 5.0.0 right away from the master branch

develar commented Nov 29, 2013

I want to use stable version of Netty instead of dev — this pull request now included only in the master branch. Or 5.0 will be released soon instead of 4.1?

trustin commented Dec 2, 2013

5.0 is going to be released instead of 4.1. If you have a time constraint, please let us know so we can also consider that into our timeline. Thank you!

develar commented Dec 2, 2013

Thanks for information. No, we don't have a time constraint — IDEA 13 will be released with netty 5.snapshot :) It is just hard for me to update Netty due to alpha status.

trustin commented Feb 14, 2014

@develar Good news for you - we are going to release 4.1 with this feature. :-)

@czeidler czeidler pushed a commit to czeidler/idea that referenced this pull request Jun 10, 2015
Tor Norbye Snapshot 1c7917945d4706cdbb32b599f81abd05c0251e32 from idea/132.27 br…
…anch of git://git.jetbrains.org/idea/community.git

1c79179: 2013-08-29 Yann Cébron - DevKit: smart EP "implementation" highlighting/completion
f3a83bc: 2013-08-29 Roman Shevchenko - IDEA-112827 (NPE in error reporter)
464a45b: 2013-08-29 Anna Kozlova - move pin button to the right side of popup (IDEA-112435)
1635be8: 2013-08-29 Yann Cébron - Dom EPs: add some <with> tags
6bcac42: 2013-08-29 Roman Shevchenko - IDEA-112824 (suppress SVN logging for normal use)
16d0ba4: 2013-08-29 Anna Kozlova - NPE
285509c4c: 2013-08-28 Max Medvedev - IDEA-111110 Groovy: Introduce Field Refactoring doesn't suggest to choose destination class
5415af1: 2013-08-28 Yann Cébron - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
8462f3b: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Jemerov - cleanup
2ad6100: 2013-08-28 Yann Cébron - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
9de8bfc: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Jemerov - Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/niktrop/intellij-community into pull92
6315415: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Jemerov - cleanup
7281b73: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Jemerov - Merge branch 'cjfm3' of git://github.com/max-kammerer/intellij-community into pull87
6e31350: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Jemerov - fix couple of issues with JetBrains/intellij-community#94
3695aa0: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Jemerov - Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/asedunov/intellij-community into pull94
ce2c15f: 2013-08-28 Yann Cébron - fix javadoc @see link
6794ead: 2013-08-28 Anna Kozlova - skip adverts when server doesn't accept provided info
851da00: 2013-08-28 Anna Kozlova - skip advs in tests and headless mode
cddbc28: 2013-08-28 Anna Kozlova - EA-48802 - assert: JavaFileManagerBase.findClass
1eafaae: 2013-08-28 Anna Kozlova - EA-49147 - NPE: UnusedDeclarationInspection.isReadObjectMethod
f1a2040: 2013-08-28 Anna Kozlova - EA-49155 - NPE: JavaChangeSignatureDialog.doCalculateSignature
2684709: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Jemerov - MalformedFormatStringInspectionTest fixed
ce8088e: 2013-08-28 Evgeny Gerashchenko - Removed extra checking for duplicate annotations in one file. It is performed when reading file anyway.
9d4c7ca: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Trofimov - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2fd8641: 2013-08-28 Eugene Kudelevsky - add possibility to setup lookup element for XML attribute values; IDEA-102167 layout_* attributes should go first
3b065b1: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Trofimov - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
d8d9168: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Trofimov - Libs update.
28a95a6: 2013-08-28 Alexey Kudravtsev - compilation
d4a0d69: 2013-08-28 Alexey Kudravtsev - notnull
f9f8006: 2013-08-28 Alexey Kudravtsev - moved to appropriate package
4d058f8: 2013-08-28 Alexey Kudravtsev - cleanup
111301a: 2013-08-28 Alexey Kudravtsev - extra method
01e59b0: 2013-08-28 Alexey Kudravtsev - doc
da966ae: 2013-08-28 Alexey Kudravtsev - cleanup
7503616: 2013-08-28 Alexey Kudravtsev - add method to javaversionservice
7d6de4f: 2013-08-28 Alexey Kudravtsev - notnull
dee081f: 2013-08-27 Alexey Kudravtsev - statistics
dd327c0: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Trofimov - Focus fixes.
7231931: 2013-08-28 Vladimir Krivosheev - WEB-8988 Return "open in browser" in context menu
2102255: 2013-08-28 Roman Shevchenko - app: install-over range extended for next EAPs
ddad3bb: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Avdeev - IDEA-112728 Can't create new task from tasks menu in toolbar: no need to fix lost typing for Go To Task
a8160c2: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Avdeev - typo
7328cbd: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Avdeev - cleanup
abbdb5a: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Avdeev - cleanup
a5c8503: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Avdeev - do not allow empty task name
e8daf37: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Avdeev - simplified
dff28d3: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Avdeev - simplified
38513a8: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Avdeev - cleanup
c09dd55: 2013-08-28 Vladimir Krivosheev - VariablesGroup — avoid array copy
8f3c91f: 2013-08-28 Roman Shevchenko - java: correct character escaping in decompiler
9a19e30: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Trofimov - Fixed hiding and activating of the terminal (PY-10669).
df672ba: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Trofimov - Terminal system settings refactored.
4653b54: 2013-08-28 Anna Kozlova - unknown features equality fixed
2896270: 2013-08-28 Anna Kozlova - ensure read access
ccff3af: 2013-08-28 Anna Kozlova - suggest to download plugins by unknown run configurations
9c8a3d2: 2013-08-28 Konstantin Bulenkov - include os.arch and jdk build number in about
861984c: 2013-08-28 Denis Fokin - IDEA-108265. We should not do anything if an empty array is passed.
a6b3441: 2013-08-28 Sergey Simonchik - EA-49063 - AIOOBE: ScriptRunnerUtil$ScriptOutput.onTextAvailable
845ee5c: 2013-08-28 Vladimir Krivosheev - value nullability
36121a2: 2013-08-28 Konstantin Kolosovsky - Merge branch 'svn1_8_new'
1515b70: 2013-08-28 Mikhail Golubev - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
33d684e0: 2013-08-28 Mikhail Golubev - IDEA-110012 Not all Redmine Issues Available on "Open Task" (Limited to 100?)
39899b1: 2013-08-28 Bas Leijdekkers - IDEA-112782 (Change signature dialog shows unexpected 'cannot resolve symbol' message)
e469928: 2013-08-28 Anna Kozlova - accept test config methods in non-test classes (IDEA-112537)
b53abed: 2013-08-27 Anna Kozlova - fix typo
3074f49: 2013-08-28 Dmitry Avdeev - IDEA-112781 Open YouTrack task: Create changelist doesn't work with SVN ?
43c8897: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Avdeev - cleanup
ff6217a: 2013-08-28 Kirill Likhodedov - Annotate overriding methods
8e2d0e1: 2013-08-28 Roman Shevchenko - terminal: platform's Guava should be good enough for the plugin
2055780: 2013-08-27 Roman Shevchenko - EA-49123 (do not load extensions from static initializer)
116dc30: 2013-08-27 Roman Shevchenko - EA-49235 (check proxy port)
2b4f96f: 2013-08-27 Roman Shevchenko - EA-49235 (code readability)
ed03bca: 2013-08-27 Roman Shevchenko - EA-49142 (NPE, cleanup)
e6053d0: 2013-08-27 Roman Shevchenko - EA-49102 (face user with printing errors)
a748474: 2013-08-28 Vladimir Krivosheev -  4.1.0. update netty (now it is not patched build, netty/netty#1762)
3c60901: 2013-08-28 Konstantin Bulenkov - better selection for mixed languages
20decc3: 2013-08-28 Konstantin Bulenkov - fix selection for files with multiple languages
878ad26: 2013-08-27 Max Medvedev - IDEA-111100 Groovy: Introduce Variable/Parameter Refactorings don't suggest to replace occurrences if applied to expressions inside code blocks
8a60662: 2013-08-27 Max Medvedev - IDEA-110981 Groovy: "Split into declaration and assignment" intention leaves unnecessary  "=" if applied to closures
77912c1: 2013-08-27 Max Medvedev - IDEA-111101 Groovy: In-Place Introduce Field: Alt+I mnemonic doesn't work in the refactoring preview
088f68e: 2013-08-27 Max Medvedev - IDEA-111027 Groovy: In-Place Introduce Variable: PIEAE at GrInplaceIntroducer.<init> on introducing a variable within one-line method/closure
a2210a4: 2013-08-27 Aleksei Sedunov - Extract inheritor candidate check into separate InheritanceChecker interface
f40be5e: 2013-08-27 Alexander Zolotov - Filter moduleAwareConfigurables by module
cf7704f: 2013-08-26 Alexander Zolotov - WEB-6452 SASS suggests functions at the top, instead of property values
165ccf7: 2013-08-27 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Fixed diff, annotate errors in history view after rename/move
7b6396a: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Jemerov - branch number 132
e176d25: 2013-08-27 Sergey Evdokimov - IDEA-112754 Maven import: NCDFE for org/jetbrains/plugins/groovy/util/ClassInstanceCache
43c49f6: 2013-08-27 Sergey Evdokimov - IDEA-112754 Maven import: NCDFE for org/jetbrains/plugins/groovy/util/ClassInstanceCache
377dd45: 2013-08-27 Konstantin Bulenkov - fix memory leak
203fb69: 2013-08-27 Sergey Simonchik - WEB-9011 Karma plugin ignored tests
3b896f2: 2013-08-27 Sergey Evdokimov - Make project unignored when new module is created by ignored project
9ae29c6: 2013-08-27 Sergey Evdokimov - Remove maven project from project tree when user deletes module.  +review CR-IC-2084
0f0f39e: 2013-08-27 Vladimir Krivosheev - cleanup, Overrides
3dddec4: 2013-08-27 Vladimir Krivosheev - cleanup
a2fff55: 2013-08-27 Aleksey Pivovarov - Github: Add API function for loading Commit Comments
9bd1660: 2013-08-27 Aleksey Pivovarov - fix IndexOutOfBoundsException on inserting empty collection to empty model
46b8998: 2013-08-27 Nadya Zabrodina - exception during annotate copied file fixed
66640b2: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Trofimov - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
c597bcc: 2013-08-27 Sergey Evdokimov - Remove maven project from project tree when user deletes module.  +review CR-IC-2084
33e932a: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Trofimov - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
7cc9cca: 2013-08-27 Vladislav.Soroka - IDEA-79466 gradle support should generate web module configuration
42e649d: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Jemerov - better names for couple of new classes added to API
5c70eaf: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Trofimov - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2e0f1fa: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Trofimov - Update lib.
dcc2c4b: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Trofimov - Override isRetina.
05b716b: 2013-08-27 nik - processing dependencies in JPS: @NotNull annotations and javadoc added
6314b6e: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Trofimov - Fixed for Retina.
9d1886c: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Avdeev - navigatable xsd documentation
0f389c5: 2013-08-27 Vladimir Krivosheev - hide internal class XValuePresenterAdapter
a0386eb: 2013-08-27 Mikhail Golubev - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
53248dc: 2013-08-27 Vladimir Krivosheev - fix createPresenter
d0355b3: 2013-08-27 Sergey Evdokimov - Remove maven project from project tree when user deletes module.  +review CR-IC @Anton.Makeev
fb48f62: 2013-08-27 Sergey Evdokimov - Optimization of MavenProjectsTree.isManagedFile()
6b123aa: 2013-08-27 nik - JPS dependencies enumerator: convenient method added
d4579e1: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Avdeev - UrlPsiReference promoted
3b1feea: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Avdeev - cleanup
ee18443: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Avdeev - cleanup
ca2484e: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Avdeev - cleanup
c9e045b: 2013-08-27 Vladimir Krivosheev - 1) methods "void setPresentation(@NonNls String name, @Nullable Icon icon, @NonNls @Nullable String type, @NonNls @NotNull String separator, @NonNls @NotNull String value, boolean hasChildren);" and "void setPresentation(@NonNls String name, @Nullable Icon icon, @NonNls @Nullable String type, @NonNls @NotNull String value, boolean hasChildren);"
b38d58a: 2013-08-27 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Fixed treating svn client warnings as errors
8cab12c: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Jemerov - separate UI and non-UI parts of MalformedFormatStringInspection
93e3fa6: 2013-08-20 Jason Holmes - Custom "Malformed format string" inspection
b9f6fde: 2013-08-27 nik - actions to mark/unmark roots in Project View refactored to support custom root types
0455e46: 2013-08-27 Aleksey Pivovarov - Github: remove useless listener
7f40613: 2013-08-27 Aleksey Pivovarov - Github: reset User on token change
c8a5402: 2013-08-27 Aleksey Pivovarov - Github: change layout
89769be: 2013-08-27 Aleksey Pivovarov - Github: add test
0d8ab04: 2013-08-27 Aleksey Pivovarov - Github: comment
cba103c: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Trofimov - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
d6ca049: 2013-08-27 Anna Kozlova - allow autoPopup after custom symbols (IDEA-112571)
a70c338: 2013-08-27 Konstantin Bulenkov - IDEA-110846 File Structure pop-up doesn't work properly for template languages
4896775: 2013-08-27 Konstantin Bulenkov - recent files duplicates
05835fa: 2013-08-27 Fedor Korotkov - WEB-6328 Add support for HTML5 <main> element
2407d7b: 2013-08-27 Anna Kozlova - allow to call getValue without readAction as it was before
29cb25d: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Avdeev - fixing the leak
7d3932a: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Avdeev - IDEA-112708 Static classes in JSP class block are considered an error
f6dbce2: 2013-08-26 Mikhail Golubev - IDEA-112605 Task management: can't add Generic server: NoClassDefFoundError: XPathFileType
82c1dc1: 2013-08-27 Konstantin Kolosovsky - Merge branch 'svn1_8_new'
08d46f1: 2013-08-27 Alexey Kudravtsev - highlightVisitor moves and cleanup
e0fec9d: 2013-08-27 Alexey Kudravtsev - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
e9b1dfc: 2013-08-27 Anna Kozlova - dumb smart lambda completion (IDEA-112553)
6da30a4: 2013-08-26 Alexey Kudravtsev - calculate column/offset: optimisation of the no-tabs case
c0990c4: 2013-08-26 Alexey Kudravtsev - race conditions?
135e250: 2013-08-26 Alexey Kudravtsev - notnull, cleanup
75b28ba: 2013-08-26 Alexey Kudravtsev - file was not rehighlighted on some changes
5647d35: 2013-08-26 Sergey Evdokimov - Make myManagedFilesPaths a Set to avoid duplication.
680dd76: 2013-08-27 Aleksey Pivovarov - Github: fix memory leak on Exception in setUp();
e3092b7: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Avdeev - IDEA-112611 Task management: DVCS: closing a task fails: "Cannot delete the branch master"
d12d4fe: 2013-08-27 Anna Kozlova - logging for EA-49099 - PIEAE: PsiAnchor$StubIndexReference.getStartOffset
3cc53fe: 2013-08-27 Anna Kozlova - revert changes in api
10fbef9: 2013-08-27 Roman Shevchenko - Test data updated
a5455ba: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Trofimov - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
8ed3ae8: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Trofimov - Updated lib.
e6df583: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Trofimov - Added guava lib to terminal.
1853090: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Trofimov - Draw image Retina support.
a7ebcaf: 2013-08-27 Dmitry Trofimov - Open session action moved to constructor.
5176bfa: 2013-08-26 Sergey Evdokimov - Fix maven tests
291f740: 2013-08-26 Vladimir Krivosheev - we must check if any port free too
18d4be6: 2013-08-26 Vassiliy Kudryashov - IDEA-70769 Settings panel: increase speed of scrollbars
0c76aca: 2013-08-26 Vassiliy Kudryashov - IDEA-112524 Working directory for default rake tasks is changed to $MODULE_DIR$ after project's reopening
e2b7f6b: 2013-08-26 Konstantin Bulenkov - pattern dependent delay
1916142: 2013-08-26 Vladimir Krivosheev - cleanup
3da9dcd: 2013-08-26 Vladimir Krivosheev - done: custom binary request handler
e02eba9: 2013-08-26 Aleksey Pivovarov - Github: do not produce dozens of notifications
8e41d59: 2013-08-26 Aleksey Pivovarov - Simplify
78c800d: 2013-08-26 Aleksey Pivovarov - Github: respect 'max' parameter
3afb19f: 2013-08-26 Maxim.Mossienko - proper versioning of stub index when persistent enumerator version changes
c853e9e: 2013-08-26 Eugene Kudelevsky - IDEA-112376 add "importFilter" extension point to force using FQN when importing class
31281a9: 2013-08-26 Kirill Likhodedov - [git] Don't write empty lines to LOG.debug.
493b9fb: 2013-08-26 Dmitry Trofimov - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
60384ba: 2013-08-26 Dmitry Trofimov - Enable Run local terminal action for Windows.
bfa8e61: 2013-08-26 Dmitry Jemerov - stupid typo fixed
04a76c3: 2013-08-26 Anna Kozlova - IDEA-112555 Bad code is green with method references on instance
8f5139d: 2013-08-26 Denis Fokin - IDEA-108265. Now user is asked whether the project should be opened in a new frame.
da958ab: 2013-08-26 Natalia Ukhorskaya - Decompile chars, bytes and shorts correctly
8008709: 2013-08-26 Roman Shevchenko - java: incorrect annotation decoding fixed
9f07ea5: 2013-08-26 Roman Shevchenko - logging
e07c905: 2013-08-26 Dmitry Trofimov - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
e81832d: 2013-08-26 Dmitry Trofimov - This update fixes pty on windows.
e36607b: 2013-08-26 Konstantin Bulenkov - new renderer
9ea47a5: 2013-08-26 nik - source roots editors: obtain icons for content tree from extension
d52dfb8: 2013-08-26 nik - constants moved
710d3ba: 2013-08-26 niktrop - Code style fixed
aa8832d: 2013-08-26 Sergey Simonchik - code style: two subsequent ifs merged to reduce inner indent
ed88487: 2013-08-26 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Provide detailed error messages to user instead of general ones
e0df7a3: 2013-08-26 Vassiliy Kudryashov - IDEA-112524 Working directory for default rake tasks is changed to $MODULE_DIR$ after project's reopening
e60a55b: 2013-08-26 nik - source roots editors refactored: root type specific UI moved to extension
928ea20: 2013-08-26 Mikhail Golubev - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
70d526d: 2013-08-26 Anna Kozlova - guardedBy itself support (IDEA-112565)
2e23cb8: 2013-08-26 Anna Kozlova - restore bytecode viewer for java classes
89dffc9: 2013-08-26 Anna Kozlova - cal property name: accept without any other checks non-letter prefixes (IDEA-112585)
bab044f: 2013-08-26 Vladimir Krivosheev - restore Alarm.cancelRequest
dd817dc: 2013-08-26 Sergey Simonchik - simplification
7046dc4: 2013-08-26 niktrop - Some refactoring for reusing GenerateEquals UI in scala plugin
44e4219: 2013-08-26 Sergey Evdokimov - IDEA-112529 Maven: code completion could work in file path value with property references
867be29: 2013-08-26 Denis Fokin - Jumplist libraries changes. This is a release version of dll with eliminated MSVCRT dependencies.
7b0029d: 2013-08-26 Anton Makeev - CIDR: language tests in windows  +review CR-OC @micha
9bef3a2: 2013-08-26 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Updated cleanup behavior after previous command failed
8447776: 2013-08-26 Mikhail Golubev - Remove SelectorBasedResponseHandler#getSelectorFileType, delegate to #getResponseType instead. Add missing @NotNull annotation, update doc comments.
d7ecb44: 2013-08-26 Anna Kozlova - treat classes with before/after methods as test classes for bad declared exceptions (IDEA-112537)
4be2bcf: 2013-08-26 Anna Kozlova - restore suggestion to remove 'abstract' when method has body
c57c308: 2013-08-26 Anna Kozlova - local can be final inside lambda body (IDEA-112630)
b8170a6: 2013-08-26 Vladimir Krivosheev - isValuesCustomSorted, add or not SortValuesAction (alphabetically sort) TODO: this action should be moved to "Variables" as gear action
b56b744: 2013-08-26 Mikhail Golubev - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
ba7e194: 2013-08-23 Mikhail Golubev - Migrate Assembla to new GenericRepository
dd0885d: 2013-08-23 Mikhail Golubev - Refactor TemplateVariable
aa94a3c: 2013-08-23 Mikhail Golubev - Add several tests of date parsing
0e7e61e: 2013-08-23 Mikhail Golubev - Reflective PsiElements creation in JqlParserDefinition
a5f3011: 2013-08-26 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Short refactoring (removed duplication)
01cd38b: 2013-08-26 Sergey Simonchik - unnecessary line removed
7c34a2a: 2013-08-26 Dmitry Avdeev - IDEA-60895 No completion for enumerated and boolean values of xml tags
8b83a30: 2013-08-26 Vladislav.Soroka - gradle: cosmetic UI fix
8ee6a76: 2013-08-26 Roman Shevchenko - Convenient debug logging
cde5373: 2013-08-26 Dmitry Avdeev - IDEA-60895 No completion for enumerated and boolean values of xml tags
75d9b47: 2013-08-24 Max Medvedev - IDEA-112621 Groovy: Remove explicit type declaration intention
d1c29fb: 2013-08-23 Max Medvedev - separate visit methods for all types of classes, enums, interfaces, annotation types, and anonymous classes
5eca3d0: 2013-08-23 Max Medvedev - Byte code viewer shows byte code for groovy scripts
c96d27f: 2013-08-23 Max Medvedev - Convert anonymous class to closure: don't insert 'as Runnable' if groovy version is at least 2.2
7e993a0: 2013-08-23 Max Medvedev - IDEA-112560 process only applicable mixins to a ref
c33dc4a: 2013-08-26 Roman Shevchenko - platform: unified loading of system libraries (done right)
d492a6f: 2013-08-25 Roman Shevchenko - logging
2f2b546: 2013-08-25 Roman Shevchenko - IDEA-112462 (allow plugins to extend lib search path)
2a39bf2: 2013-08-25 Maxim.Mossienko - restart lexer  from 0 offset when searching from start
a0858dbf: 2013-08-25 Maxim.Mossienko - 20% more compact compiler caches (-50M for IDEA project)
5ce3373: 2013-08-25 Maxim.Mossienko - IDEA-111918 Find: comments / string literals only: just 1 entry is found in each comment or literal
68ffc65: 2013-08-25 Maxim.Mossienko - faster contol + shift + N / control + N by default
eb67af1: 2013-08-24 Vassiliy Kudryashov - IDEA-107413 Cannot drag'n'drop more than one item in Changes View
d5ed7b5: 2013-08-24 nik - store properties of source folder in JPS element
b3dd357: 2013-08-24 nik - typo
5b8b1ff: 2013-08-24 Kirill Likhodedov - Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
0dd284a: 2013-08-24 Kirill Likhodedov - Better assertion error in the DefaultLogger
3146c0b: 2013-08-23 Bas Leijdekkers - foreach can also initialize field
6356a11: 2013-08-23 Konstantin Bulenkov - completely refacrored
6ad3452: 2013-08-23 Anna Kozlova - show conflict on invert boolean and method references (IDEA-112572)
4726276: 2013-08-23 Anna Kozlova - extract method from lambda body: accept parameters of parent method (IDEA-112570)
16a5e32: 2013-08-23 Gregory.Shrago - EditorEx: permanent header API
edc3497: 2013-08-23 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Content retrieval from svn refactored to ClientFactory model
0f40312: 2013-08-23 Mikhail Golubev - Change JqlQuery methods, JqlTerminalClause should extend JqlClause
c335f2b: 2013-08-23 Mikhail Golubev - IDEA-111811 Task management: JIRA: JQL: code completion suggests nothing after closing parenthesis
6e6972a: 2013-08-23 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Annotate action
e9d5412: 2013-08-23 Mikhail Golubev - Update description of NATIVE_SEARCH feature in TaskRepository
3c948a8: 2013-08-22 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Code cleanup - unused parameters removed
64706df: 2013-08-22 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-112184
0e41cad: 2013-08-22 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Simple property client to fix SvnMergeProvider.isBinary implementation
8091bb0: 2013-08-22 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Implemented file conflicts resolving Updated "svn info" result parsing
040f405: 2013-08-21 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 SvnBindClient - unsupported methods removed
cef0440: 2013-08-21 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 "bindSvn" module classes moved to "svn4idea" SvnBindClient unsupported methods will be removed in next commit (to track change like "rename" instead of "delete" + "add" to preserve history)
6c36a93: 2013-08-20 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-112184 Added logging to detect authentication issues
928c01e: 2013-08-07 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 - Basic svn 1.8 test support
d880599: 2013-08-20 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Small text fixes Ignoring tests for old/not used functionality
71384c1: 2013-08-19 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Copy and move actions
a5f7e7c: 2013-08-19 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Delete action
e197c08: 2013-08-19 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Fixed authentication for svn protocol
c28c127: 2013-08-19 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Short add, revert commands refactoring
e06a346: 2013-08-19 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Revert action Fixed status command for single file Fixed status result parsing for normal (non-modified versioned) file
0f66f9d: 2013-08-19 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Logging and comments for some commands
c928fe5: 2013-08-16 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Force command line client usage if working copy of svn 1.8 format detected
d6e4e38: 2013-08-16 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Fixed "add" action output parsing for binary files
1236be5: 2013-08-15 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Small refactoring and fixes after review
e05b576: 2013-08-15 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 "Add" action for files and directories
ccf6085: 2013-08-15 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 "Subversion" -> "Show History" for files and folders
aba7390: 2013-08-14 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Add command refactored
555d597: 2013-08-14 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Fixing status, info commands to use correct arguments
b083f31: 2013-08-14 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Diff provider (without revision properties) Small command refactoring
f657dc8: 2013-08-13 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 Authentication updates Authentication for remote status command Result parsing for remote info command 2 way SSL support (could be issues with ordinary password entering after 2 way SSL)
2785122: 2013-07-29 Konstantin Kolosovsky - IDEA-94942 initial svn 1.8 support with already existing command line functionality
857bfd5: 2013-08-12 max-kammerer - Update CoreJavaFileManagerTest.java
13539bc: 2013-08-09 Mikhael Bogdanov - CoreJavaFileManager.findClass: properly resolve $ in inner class names

Change-Id: Ica3d3d647183983bcd88ce2fb3450deb86343cdb
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