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svnlto commented Feb 10, 2012

hey there,

I'm writing a grunt task that generates docs and I was thinking of using groc. I was wondering if it's possible to use groc within another script as opposed to on the CLI.


nevir commented Feb 10, 2012

I have a very rough API that you could use, though it's definitely going to be a moving target for a while. (I'm totally happy to work with you to solidify it over time though)

Take a look at where the CLI code builds a Project object for the low level API.

Alternatively, you can fake a command line call w/o the shell as an intermediary by including the CLI module directly, and calling it similar to the bin file - this interface is less likely to change, but is definitely more awkward.


nevir commented Feb 10, 2012

Thinking further on this, a better and probably relatively stable API would be to decouple the argument parsing, and have a call that takes the resultant options hash - easy to configure, and also plays nicely with the.groc.json file

I was trying to create a GrunJS taks as well: . But can't get it to work without the .groc.json file (and using the grunt initConfig instead). Any suggestions what I could do to accomplish that?

Actually I just got it to work by converting the grunt options (same structure as the .groc.json file) to a list of CLI commands. Please check the gist again, I just updated it.

@nevir , if you think that is a good solution, perhaps we could have that integrated with Groc so it plays nice with Grunt builds?


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