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Fork of XKit, the Extension framework for Tumblr
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Extensions [Enhanced Queue] Don't require refresh after shuffle (#1737) Oct 15, 2019
Safari eslint: indent switch statements Sep 16, 2019
Themes made post avatar background transparent Oct 16, 2015
WebExtension Don't request permission for all sites Oct 5, 2018
dev lint dev builders Jan 18, 2017
docs Update post listener documentation Jun 30, 2018
vendor Update jquery to most recent 3.x version (#1704) Jul 15, 2019
.csslintrc Re-implement build tasks in Gulp.js Aug 9, 2015
.editorconfig Fix references to indent_size Aug 9, 2015
.eslintignore Add lodash woot woot Sep 30, 2017
.eslintrc.yml eslint: indent switch statements Sep 16, 2019
.gitattributes Appease April Jun 13, 2018
.gitignore Update developer docs to reflect changes made in #1430 (#1441) Oct 6, 2017
.jscsrc Add .jscsrc Aug 1, 2015
.jshintrc jshint compliance, formatting changes. Aug 5, 2015
.travis.yml Update development files Jun 2, 2018
LICENSE Include the actual GPL Oct 12, 2014 update firefox link, add safari Nov 29, 2017 Add simple connection test page (#1673) May 6, 2019 Add pulling of master to be up to date before merging master -> gh-pages Sep 27, 2015
editor.js eslint: indent switch statements Sep 16, 2019
gulpfile.js Move vendor scripts to vendor folder. Sep 30, 2017
package-lock.json XKit 7.9.0 (#1536) Jun 15, 2018
package.json XKit 7.9.0 (#1536) Jun 15, 2018 Reset to master instead of merging Mar 15, 2018
xkit.css fix create_control_button in 7.9.0 (#1628) Dec 2, 2018
xkit.js retire jQuery.parseJSON (#1705) Jul 17, 2019


Build Status

XKit is a small extension framework that powers tweaks for Tumblr.

Get a release build

Currently we support Firefox, Chrome, and Safari officially. We support Opera unofficially using the same file as the Chrome extension, which you can download here.

Support Discord

First, check the list of issues, and see if there's something there that looks like the problem you're having. Otherwise, file a new issue or come join our support chat; just hop on over to our Discord server. We don't bite!

Contribute Discord

XKit needs all the help it can get! If you want to help out, the first step is finding something going wrong. There's a long list of known issues on our issues page and on the original issues page. The next step is to fix the bug.

Come join us in the XKit Discord if you get stuck, or want some advice! There's normally a few people lurking in there any time of day.

Writing a New Extension

Read the guide on writing a new extension!

Develop XKit

Review the project prerequisites and learn how to build XKit from source.


In your clone of this repository run:

npm install

To build XKit from source, run:

gulp build

Builds can be found in the build/ directory.

For a list of available build tasks, see the documentation.

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