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@camilasan camilasan released this Oct 17, 2019 · 23 commits to stable-2.6 since this release

🐧 Linux 🍎 Mac OS πŸšͺ Windows

πŸ“ Changelog

  • desktop#1231 issue1216: added sync-exclude entry for emacs recovery files
  • desktop#1039 Add sync date next to "Synchronized with local folder"
  • desktop#1414 Fix double slashes
  • desktop#1420 Fixing E2E CSR transmission failure for new connections
  • desktop#1149 slideshow buttons
  • desktop#1214 fix qt warning about registering a URL sheme first.
  • desktop#1409 Review of msvc/gcc warnings -> code cleanup, prevention of implicit casts, variadic macros
  • desktop#1240 Race condition in the remote size loading logic
  • desktop#1461 Checks if exclude file is empty before creating the regular expressions.
  • desktop#1474 Fixed grammar
  • desktop#1465 Add server info to menu
  • desktop#1477 Prevent jumping of tray menu
  • desktop#1032 Changed max GUI bandwidth
  • desktop#1441 Fixed missing 'translatable' exclusions, added missing window titles
  • desktop#1481 Avoiding copying in range-based loops
  • desktop#1495 Add a 'Content-Length: 0' header to initial POST requests
  • desktop#1478 Don't run connection wizard when quitting the application
  • desktop#1520 Pick from upstream: Update qtmacgoodies for an OSX crash fix #6930
  • desktop#1523 Merge the list of ignored files/symlinks into one Activity notification.
  • desktop#1504 Remote wipe.
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