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NGINX Modern Reference Architectures

This repository has the basics for a common way to deploy and manage a modern app. Over time we'll be building more example architectures using different deployment models and options including other clouds, and you’ll be able to find those from here.

Modern App Architectures

We define modern app architectures as those driven by four characteristics: scalability, portability, resiliency, and agility. While of course there are many different aspects of a modern architecture, these are fundamental.

This diagram is an example of what we mean by a modern app architecture: Modern Apps Architecture Example Diagram

To satisfy the four key characteristics, many modern app architectures employ:

  • platform agnosticism,
  • prioritize OSS,
  • everything defined by Code,
  • driven by CI/CD automation,
  • security minded development,
  • built on containers, and
  • distributed storage.

What's being built

To see details on the current state of this project, please see the readme, as this project is under constant development.

This project was started to provide a complete, stealable, easy to deploy, and standalone example of how a modern app architecture can be built. It was driven by the need to be flexible and not require a long list of dependencies to get started. It needs to provide examples of tooling used to build this sort of architecture in the real world. Most importantly, it needs to work. Hopefully this provides a ‘jumping off’ point for someone to build their own infrastructure.

Subdirectories contained within the root directory separate reference architectures by infrastructure deployment tooling.

Deployment Tools


Pulumi is an infrastructure as code tool that allows you to write code (node, Python, Go, etc) that defines cloud infrastructure. Within the pulumi folder are examples for building and deploying KIC on different cloud environments.


We welcome PRs and issues!

Please refer to the Contributing Guidelines when doing a pull request.


All code in this repository is licensed under the Apache License v2 license.

Open source license notices for all projects in this repository can be found here.

FOSSA Status