Serverless Angular Web Application with OpenWhisk Backend and OAuth
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This project shows how to write Angular web applications which use OpenWhisk actions to implement backend logic. Users need to log in with their Google accounts via OAuth. After this users can access OpenWhisk actions that have been protected via OpenWhisk API management.

Check out the presentation and the screenshots for more details.

Serverless Web Apps


Create protected API

  • Run 'wsk bluemix login'
  • Define in openwhisk-protected/my-api-swagger.json 1. x-openwhisk.namespace, 2. x-openwhisk.url and 3. target-url
  • Run 'openwhisk-protected/'

Alternatively you can do this manually:

  • Create a simple action and configure API management (see screenshots)
  • Select user authentication via Google logins and CORS
  • Share the API and get the URL

Deploy OpenWhisk OAuth Actions

  • Run 'openwhisk-oauth/'
  • Get the URL of the oauth-login-and-redirect action from the dashboard

Create Google Application

Deploy OpenWhisk OAuth Actions again

  • Create a file 'openwhisk-oauth/providers.json' (based on providers-template.json)
  • Define client id, secret and redirect URL
  • Run 'openwhisk-oauth/'

Configure and run the Angular App

  • Create a file 'angular/src/assets/providers.json' (based on providers-template.json)
  • Define client id, protected Url, redirect URL and protectedUrl
  • From the /angular folder run 'ng serve' and open localhost:4200
  • Click on login to invoke the oauth dance and then on invoke action

Credit and Next Steps

Thank you to Nick Mitchell and Lionel Villard for their work on the open source project openwhisk-oauth, especially for the OAuth login functionality.

Next I'd like to add two features:

  • Renew access tokens before they expire
  • Document how to deploy the static Angular files (in dist directory after 'ng build -prod') to Object Storage, Surge, etc.
  • Convert sh scripts in Node code to support multiple platforms