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Cloudformation Batman - cleaning up the crime of abandoned stacks
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Batman scours your AWS stack for villianous stacks and using genius intellect, physical prowess, martial arts abilities, detective skills, science and technology, vast wealth, intimidation, and indomitable will keeps the cloudy street safe and clean.

How do I let Batman know I'm doing good?

If you want to keep a stack safe from being killed by Batman add a Batman tag to your cloudformation stack ({Key:'Batman'}), no need to have any content.

Batman inspect the tags on your cloudformation stacks to determine what to shut down, specifically looking for the tag {Key: 'slice', Value: 'anything-other-than-master'}

Batman can also receive a bat signal (commonly known as a Github webhook) to delete stacks. Suggested usage is to receive a webhook when a branch is deleted so Batman can cleanup.

Getting Started

Edit serverless.yml where you can adjust

  • scheduled run time
  • tag that contains your branch name (default = Slice)
  • if your project will accept webhooks
  • AWS region
  • anything else which takes your fancy.


Refer to the serverless framework for detailed instructions, but should be as simple as

  • Install dependencies
npm i
  • Authenticate with AWS via your favourite CLI

  • then deploy

npm deploy

Built With

  • serverless framework


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