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steve committed Jun 10, 2000
1 parent 6f9cc57 commit 6329549938bbcb8d150fbace483ca8a48fd0fb6e
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@@ -0,0 +1,50 @@
+Summary: Icarus Verilog
+Name: verilog
+Version: 0.3
+Release: 0
+Copyright: GPL
+Group: Applications/Engineering
+Packager: Stephen Williams <>
+BuildRoot: /tmp
+# This provides tag allows me to use a more specific name for things
+# that actually depend on me, Icarus Verilog.
+Provides: iverilog
+Icarus Verilog is a Verilog compiler that generates a variety of
+engineering formats, including a C++ simulation. It strives to be
+true to the IEEE-1364 standard.
+%setup -n verilog-0.3
+./configure --prefix=/usr
+make prefix=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr install
+%attr(-,root,root) %doc COPYING README.txt BUGS.txt netlist.txt vpi.txt vvm.txt xnf.txt xilinx-hint.txt
+%attr(-,root,root) %doc examples/*
+%attr(-,root,root) /usr/bin/verilog
+%attr(-,root,root) /usr/bin/iverilog
+%attr(-,root,root) /usr/lib/ivl/ivl
+%attr(-,root,root) /usr/lib/ivl/ivlpp
+%attr(-,root,root) /usr/lib/ivl/system.vpi
+%attr(-,root,root) /usr/lib/libvvm.a
+%attr(-,root,root) /usr/include/vpi_user.h
+%attr(-,root,root) /usr/include/vpi_priv.h
+%attr(-,root,root) /usr/include/vvm.h
+%attr(-,root,root) /usr/include/vvm_func.h
+%attr(-,root,root) /usr/include/vvm_gates.h
+%attr(-,root,root) /usr/include/vvm_thread.h
+%attr(-,root,root) /usr/include/vvm_calltf.h
+%attr(-,root,root) /usr/man/man1/iverilog.1

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