NifSkope 2.0 Pre-Alpha 6

@jonwd7 jonwd7 released this Nov 10, 2016

Skyrim SE support

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NifSkope 1.2.0 Alpha 2

@jonwd7 jonwd7 released this Jul 3, 2014 · 504 commits to develop since this release

Built from jonwd7/nifskope@c9da040


Nightly 2014-07-10

  • [Feature] "Set All" for Color arrays such as vertex colors.
  • [Fix] Crash in spells which used certain block operations like Crop to Branch
  • [Fix] Translations now work again (but may not be up to date)


  • [Feature] Reimplemented settings migration between NifSkope versions (#61, #11)
    • NifSkope 1.1.3 had removed the registry-key-per-version code. NifSkope 1.1.3 will now maintain its original settings and not be touched by future NifSkope versions.
    • Minor version releases (1.2, 1.3, 1.4) will each get their own registry key. 1.2 will import settings from 1.1.3 when applicable.

This means your UI and other settings will reset the first time you run this build, and it will migrate all the important settings from the 1.1.3 settings, and now 1.1.3 will no longer interfere with 1.2+ and vice versa.

  • [Enhancement] Screenshot dialog enhancements (#60)
    • You have the choice of using the screenshots directory in your NifSkope folder (it auto-creates the directory if it's not yet present).
    • You have the choice of saving to the same folder as the NIF file.
      (You can still save anywhere by opening the File dialog)
    • It creates a default filename based on the NIF filename and the datetime.
    • It saves your preferred JPEG quality.
    • Changed the file priority to JPG > PNG > BMP. So that JPG is the default.
    • Widened the dialog for legibility.
  • [Enhancement] BaseModel does not store file info (#59)
  • [Enhancement] Window title now shows NifSkope version and release (e.g. 1.2.0 Alpha 2) (#61)
  • [Fix] Inverted UV Editor zoom
  • [Fix] Mesh selection (i.e. clicking TriShapes) in viewport is inaccurate with Antialiasing enabled in Render > Settings. (#57)
  • Dev Redid alpha depth biasing to work more generally so that e.g. wireframes can still show above decals.
  • Dev JPEGs do not save in Nightly 20140528. (Missing DLLs) (#58)


  • [Feature] Minimal shader support for Skyrim (normal mapping, partial glow mapping). (#26)
  • [Feature] Minimal shader support for Fallout (normal mapping). (#26)
  • [Feature] Alpha depth biasing for decals (alpha tested transparencies in same plane as base mesh). Completely eliminates z-fighting / flickering.
  • [Feature] Multisampling AA.
    • Hardcoded at 16 samples, though driver settings should be able to override this. Will be configurable in the future.
  • [Feature] Anisotropic Filtering.
    • Uses max available. Will be configurable in the future.
  • [Feature] Save screenshot of viewport to file. Render > "Save View to File...".
    • I re-enabled this feature from some disabled code. The action was under the Render menu and I left it there, though I will likely relocate it to File, and create a toolbar icon for it.
  • [Enhancement] FPS bumped to 60, from 30... There seems to be a floating point error which causes 30 to become ~21, and 60 -> 62.5. This will be fixed in the future and FPS will become user configurable in Settings.
  • [Enhancement] Began GL code cleanup / refactoring.


  • [Feature] The "Textures" array in BSShaderTextureSet blocks will be expanded by default. (#55)
  • [Fix][Qt5] The file dialog for Texture > Choose would cause the NifSkope window to lose focus after selecting a texture (reported by Hanaisse) (#54)


  • [Feature] You can drag multiple files to the executable, or select multiple files from Windows Explorer and hit Enter or Right Click > Open.
    • Opening multiple files is not yet available from the file dialogs inside NifSkope.
  • [Enhancement] LOD slider is enabled only on NIFs with BSLODTriShapes.


  • [Feature] Add Skyrim, Fallout: NV auto-detection (#49)
  • [Feature] Added Skyrim, Fallout: NV BSA support (#49)
  • [Feature] Added display support for bhkCompressedMeshShape (#7)
  • [Feature] BSMultiBound - Initial support, displays AABB/OBB (#16)
  • [Feature] Edit UV support for BSEffectShaderProperty (reported by Hanaisse) (#4)
  • [Feature] BSLODTriShape support for Spells (same as NiTriShape) (#1)
  • [Feature] LOD Level visualization for BSLODTriShapes (#22)
  • [Fix] Plugin - OBJ - UV Import fix (#8).
  • [Fix] Enums sorting out of order
  • [Fix] Bitflags with only one checked option were uncheckable (reported by ttl269) (#51)
  • [Fix] Havok scale fixes for Skyrim (#3)
  • [Fix] Scale generated bhkConvexVerticesShape for Skyrim (#7)
  • [Fix] Sluggish UI elements in Rendering Settings due to continuous flushing of 3D.
  • [Improvement] Port to Qt5 (#28)
  • [Improvement] Refactored FSEngine (BSA handler) for Qt5 (#36)
  • [Improvement] Tooltip formatting, large enum display. (#47)
  • [Improvement] Export UV Template rewrite (Broke in Qt5 port, reported by Hanaisse) (#52)
    • PNG, BMP formats; Transparent background (PNG); Wire color/alpha selection; Antialiasing
  • [Improvement] Code refactoring (#41)
    • Updated to use C++11
    • Removed obsolete code
    • Replaced deprecated code with newer alternatives
  • [Improvements] Updated project files
    • Build improvements for GCC, MSVC.
    • Docsys, doxygen make targets.
    • Project structure reorganisation (#31)
  • [Translation] Improved french translation (NicocoIN)

Known Issues

  • For Skyrim NIFs, the latest nif.xml (0.7.1) has changes to collision layers which removes the various colors with which collision could display, e.g. OL_STATIC vs OL_CLUTTER. All Skyrim collision will appear as one color, green, until NifSkope is updated to take the nif.xml changes into account.
  • Specular is completely wrong on most all meshes. You can set your specular color to black in Settings > Colors. Now that most meshes are using shaders now, the shaders just aren't being passed the correct specular information (power, glossiness, color).


NifSkope 1.1.3

@neomonkeus neomonkeus released this Nov 17, 2012 · 698 commits to develop since this release

Changes since 1.1.2:

  • Fix accidently broken xml for Fallout 3 (contributed by ttl269).
  • Qmake getting git hash no longer relies on git executable.
  • Code refactor: xml for ui of about form.
  • Fix for registry entry proliferation (niftools issue #3584193, reported by neomonkeus).