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Invoke-Build - PowerShell Task Scripting


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Invoke-Build - PowerShell Task Scripting


Invoke-Build invokes specified tasks defined in a PowerShell script. This process is called build. Tasks are pieces of code with optional relations. Concepts are similar to MSBuild and psake.

The engine is carefully designed for multiple calls: sequential, nested, and even parallel. Each call maintains its data in its scope. It does not change itself anything global including the environment.

Long running or interactive processes with expected interruptions can be automated with persistent builds which allow resuming after interruptions.

The Package

The standalone script Invoke-Build.ps1 is enough for invoking build scripts. Other files and tools are for built-in help, parallel builds, graphs, and etc.

  • Invoke-Build.ps1 invokes build scripts, this is the build engine
  • Invoke-Builds.ps1 invokes parallel builds using the engine
  • Invoke-Build-Help.xml is external content for Get-Help
  • Build.ps1 is the helper designed for command lines
  • Show-BuildGraph.ps1 makes and shows task graphs
  • TabExpansionProfile.Invoke-Build.ps1 - completers

How It Works

The engine builds a sequence of tasks defined in a build script by task statements which provide task names, script blocks, references, conditions, inputs and outputs. The tasks are checked for issues like missing or cyclic references. Then the specified tasks are invoked together with other tasks referenced by them recursively. Why is this needed at all? See Concepts.


Invoke-Build is distributed as the NuGet package Invoke-Build. Download it to the current location as the directory "Invoke-Build" by this PowerShell command:

Invoke-Expression (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('')

Alternatively, download it by NuGet tools or directly. In the latter case rename the package to ".zip" and unzip. Use the package subdirectory "tools".

Copy Invoke-Build.ps1, Invoke-Build-Help.xml, and optionally other scripts to a directory in the path. As a result, the engine can be called from any PowerShell code as Invoke-Build and Get-Help should work.

Getting Help

To get help for Invoke-Build.ps1 make sure Invoke-Build-Help.xml is in the same directory and invoke this command:

help Invoke-Build -full

In order to get help for functions, at first dot-source Invoke-Build:

. Invoke-Build

The above command shows function names and makes their help available:

help Add-BuildTask -full

Online Resources

  • Script Tutorial : Take a look in order to get familiar with scripts.
  • Project's Wiki : Full online tutorial, tools, and tips and tricks.
  • Examples : Build scripts used in various projects.
  • Demo : Tests implemented as build scripts.


The project is inspired by psake and some concepts come from MSBuild.

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