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psigen commented May 10, 2020

Description of the problem / feature request:

The presence of a .bazelversion file that defines any non-matching version at the root of a directory structure prevents bazel from intepreting any commands in any subdirectory, including bazel version, help, info.

However, these are the commands needed to debug why .bazelversion is not satisfied, or to query non-build-related hel


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  • Updated Jun 16, 2019
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jeremiedimino commented May 7, 2020

Dune systematically buffers the output of commands so that their output is not mixed up during parallel builds. However, this is not ideal for interactive commands that require direct access to the terminal.

Currently, the only workaround is to run dune with -j 1 --no-buffer which is not ideal since it completely disables parallelism and also require a specific dune invocation.

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