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Small Workflows Workflows Thanks

Small Alfred workflows I use that don't warrant a GitHub repository of their own


My Workflows

Workflow Augmentations

Below are workflows that were not made by me, I just augmented them in my own way to make them 'better' (for me).

I often propose these changes to the workflow author so that the change is merged but sometimes the author does not want to accept the change so I am left with my own fork until then. Credit goes to the authors of these awesome workflows

Take a look at the original workflows first, it will most probably work for you well.

  • GitHub Jump - Quickly jump to GitHub repositories you made/starred. (My modification)
    • I added many modifiers to do different things such as go directly to issues of the workflow, pull requests of it or even clone the repo to a specified directory.
    • I use this workflow many many times a day and it saved me a lot of time. My modification has over 4,600 repos I starred that are within 1 second access from you if you want to use that.
  • Dash Search with custom hotkeys - Search Dash docs. (My modification)
    • I extended it with many custom hotkeys to super quickly search a specific docset in Dash.
  • Alfred Workflow Directory - Quickly open any Alfred Workflow directory in your Terminal, Finder. (My modification)
    • I changed it so that by default it will cd to the workflow in my current iTerm tab but also it can export workflow to ~/Desktop (you can change location) or it will open the workflow with an editor (VS Code or Sublime in my case).
  • Directory watches - Search insides of directories and action on things. (My modification)
    • I modified a script he once shared to quickly see insides of various directories and action on items of them to do various things opening the path in iTerm or moving the file somewhere.
  • Recent Downloads - View ~/Downloads folder from Alfred and action on contents of it. (My modification) - I modified it by adding few actions like opening the path in iTerm. Or opening the file/folder in VS Code.

Personal workflows

Below is a list of workflows that were made for my own personal use and will most certainly not work on your systems unless you change many things in the workflow.

You can take some inspiration or ideas from these workflows if you wish.


See contribution guidelines.

Thank you

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