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Building and publishing docs on GitHub Pages

A script build your project documentation and publish it on GitHub pages. Replace "main_fname".

Caution: the script will commit and publish every html file in the project directory.

#!/usr/bin/env nim
mode = ScriptMode.Verbose
import strutils
let main_fname = "REPLACE_ME.nim"

var author_name, proj_name = ""
let git_orig = static_exec "git remote show origin -n"
for line in git_orig.splitlines:
  if line.contains "Push  URL:":
    assert line.contains ""
    (author_name, proj_name) = line.split(':')[2].split('/')
    proj_name = proj_name[0..<proj_name.len-4]

echo "Author name: $#\nProject name: $#\n" % [author_name, proj_name]
exec "nim doc2  --docSeeSrcUrl:$#/$#/blob/master $#" % [
  author_name, proj_name, main_fname]
exec "git checkout gh-pages || git checkout --orphan gh-pages"
exec "git add *.html"
exec "git commit *.html -m'update docs'"
exec "git push --set-upstream origin gh-pages"
echo "\nThe following files have been published:"
for fname in listFiles("."):
  if fname.endswith(".html"):
    echo "https://$$#/$#" % [author_name, proj_name, fname[2..<fname.len]]