Pygments issues

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If you see any issues with the Pygments syntax highlighting for Nimrod (what github uses) please list them here so that somebody can fix them at some point.

Generics + Operators

proc `[]`[T](x: int, args: varargs[T, `$`]) =
  for arg in args:
    echo arg

1[1, "x", 3]

The `[]` should only be red.

Numerical type with suffix

proc suspend(p: Process) =
  if kill(, SIGSTOP) != 0'i32: raiseOsError(osLastError())
proc terminate(p: Process) =
  if kill(, SIGTERM) != 0'i32:

proc kill(p: Process) =
  if kill(, SIGKILL) != 0'i32:

'i32 and after should not be red.

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