Nim use cases

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This is an introductory page on use cases where you might want to use Nim.

Where Nim works well

Multiarch applications

As Nim compiles through GCC, any architecture supported by GCC can run Nim.


Nim was designed with gaming in mind. See documentation regarding speed and GC.

Embedded systems and microcontrollers

Nim have some of the smallest memory overhead and binary size compared to other languages.

Where Nim will work well

The following use case might require larger amounts of libraries, tools, and language maturity in general (as in early 2015)

System libraries

Nim can produce libraries to be used by other languages. docs example


Nim is safer than C [also see System libraries]

Where Nim might not be the best fit

Scripts and interactive use

Nim is a complied languages and the interactive interpreter is somewhat limited.


as a first language, Nim is more complex than Python or Ruby