Gutenberg blocks for WordPress
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GhostKit - Gutenberg blocks for WordPress



Prerequisite How to check How to install
PHP >= 5.5.9 php -v
Node.js >= 6.x.x node -v
Composer >= 1.0.0 composer -V


  • Run npm install in the command line. Or if you need to update some dependencies, run npm update


  • npm run build to run build
  • npm run watch to run build and start files watcher
  • npm run production to run build and prepare zip files for production


We use pre-commit and pre-push hooks for Git to lint sources with phpcs, eslint and stylelint tasks.

NPM commands to work with linting:

  • npm run lint to show all lint errors (described below)
  • npm run lint-fix to automatically fix some of all linters errors (described below)
  • npm run php-lint to show phpcs errors
  • npm run php-lint-fix to automatically fix some of the phpcs errors
  • npm run js-lint to show eslint errors
  • npm run js-lint-fix to automatically fix some of the eslint errors
  • npm run css-lint to show stylelint errors
  • npm run css-lint-fix to automatically fix some of the stylelint errors

All linters compatible with the modern IDE and code editors.