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Nmap Project's Windows packet capture and transmission library


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Npcap is a packet capture and injection library for Windows by the Nmap Project. It is a complete update to the unmaintained WinPcap project with improved speed, reliability, and security.


The complete documentation for Npcap is available in the Npcap Guide on There you will find information about installation, reporting bugs, developing software with Npcap, and Npcap internals.


The latest installer, Software Development Kit (SDK), source, and debug symbols can be downloaded from

Bug report

Please report any bugs or issues about Npcap at: Npcap issues on GitHub. In your report, please provide your DiagReport output, user software version (e.g. Nmap, Wireshark), reproduce steps and other information you think necessary. Refer to the Npcap Guide section on reporting bugs for more complete directions.


The Npcap License allows end users to download, install, and use Npcap from our site for free on up to 5 systems (including commercial usage). Software providers (open source or otherwise) which want to use Npcap functionality are welcome to point their users to for those users to download and install.

We fund the Npcap project by selling Npcap OEM. This special version of Npcap includes enterprise features such as the silent installer and commercial support as well as special license rights.


  • (Nmap development list, for technical issues and discussion)
  • (Sales address for commercial/licensing issues)
  • Npcap Issues Tracker