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Npcap 0.99-r7 [2018-07-05]

  • Fixed the installer so that Npcap in WinPcap API-compatible mode can do loopback capture. This capability is not guaranteed for future releases, but was only missing from 0.99-r3 to 0.99-r6. Native-mode Npcap was unaffected. Fixes #1213

  • Added a script, FixInstall.bat, to fix common problems with installations, such as those caused by Windows 10 feature upgrades. See #1216

  • Improved stability by restoring certain passsthrough NDIS callbacks that are not used, but appear to cause connectivity problems if omitted. See #1208.

Npcap 0.99-r6 [2018-06-12]

  • Fixed installation on Windows 8 and Server 2012 so that Npcap is able to capture on adapters without requiring a reboot. Fixes #1031.

  • Fixed loss of networking on Windows 7 when Npcap was configured to start at boot. Using AUTO_START instead of SYSTEM_START for the Npcap driver service solves the problem. Fixes #1208.

  • Fixed a crash reported via Microsoft crash telemetry, DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL in NPF_IOControl when setting OID_GEN_CURRENT_LOOKAHEAD. Fixes #1194.

  • Fixed certain interactions between processes with open Npcap handles that could allow one process to stop other running captures from receiving packets. Fixes #1035.

Npcap 0.99-r5 [2018-05-01]

  • Restored installer code to silently uninstall WinPcap if silent installation in WinPcap API-compatible mode is needed (Npcap OEM only).

  • Removed several optional passthrough driver functions that can be handled more efficiently by NDIS, since Npcap was not using them.

  • Added validation of IRP parameters for additional security.

  • Fixed a crash reported via Microsoft crash telemetry, DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL in NPF_SendCompleteExForEachOpen when the system is suspended. Fixes #1193.

  • Bundle and install the correct public code signing certificate. The certificate used to sign Npcap was updated for Npcap 0.99-r4, but the public cert file included was not, leading to some unwanted publisher trust dialogs during installation.

Npcap 0.99-r4 [2018-04-19]

  • On Windows 7, if Npcap driver installation fails due to maximum NDIS filters installed, attempt to increase the limit. No such limit exists on other Windows versions. Fixes #1182.

  • Avoid some cmd.exe popup windows during installation. See #1188.

  • Improve the license to allow unlimited copies of Npcap to be used (removes the 5 copy limitation) if the copies are solely used for Nmap and/or Wireshark.

Npcap 0.99-r3 [2018-04-06]

  • Fix recording of the Npcap Loopback Adapter's name in the service registry key. Loopback packet injection was broken in WinPcap API-compatible mode in Npcap 0.99-r1 and 0.99-r2. Fixes #1165.

  • Fix a double-close of a Registry key which could cause a crash in Packet.dll when debugging. Fixes #1163.

Npcap 0.99-r2 [2018-03-13]

  • Fix installer to work on 32-bit Windows.

Npcap 0.99-r1 [2018-03-05]

  • We now offer an Npcap OEM Edition internal-use license. This provides all the advantages of Npcap OEM (such as the silent installer) and removes the 5-copy limitation of the free Npcap, while also providing for commercial support and updates. It is for companies who only want to use Nmap internally. We also still offer the Npcap OEM redistribution license for companies wanting to redistribute Npcap with their software. See

  • Improved installation of the Npcap Loopback Adapter, ensuring it can be correctly removed and reinstalled.

  • Packet.DLL now only looks in the driver service's Parameters Registry key for installation options; in future releases, Npcap may stop writing these options to the HKLM:\Software\Npcap registry key.

  • When NpcapHelper.exe is used for UAC elevation, the pipe it uses to communicate with the calling process is now restricted to the user SID of the calling process. Previously, any user could cause NpcapHelper to obtain handles to other devices, though the handles were only valid for the calling process.

  • Performed Visual Studio Code Analysis on Packet.DLL and cleaned up several code health issues.

  • Improved debug logging, error checking, and diagnostics throughout.

Npcap 0.98 [2018-01-10]

  • Fix digital signatures for some files: OEM drivers were missing the Microsoft Attestation signature required for Windows 10 1703, and the installer was missing the SHA-1 signature required for Windows Vista.

Npcap 0.97 [2017-11-27]

  • Only include data rate and channel fields in the RadioTap header if they are reported by the underlying WiFi card driver. See #1036.

  • When the Npcap installer detects that WinPcap is present, it will default to installing in WinPcap API-compatible mode, replacing WinPcap. This can be changed by the user in the interactive installer, or by setting the /winpcap_mode=no command-line option.

  • The Silent installation feature of the Npcap installer is now limited to the Npcap OEM edition.

Npcap 0.96 [2017-10-31]

  • Set the *IfType, *MediaType, and *PhysicalMediaType registry values for the Npcap Loopback Adapter. The values set should reduce the amount of configuration that Windows attempts to do on the adapter, preventing it from being labeled "Unknown Network."

  • Record the ID of the Npcap Loopback Adapter in the registry when creating it, instead of only in the installer. This allows users to remove and create the adapter with NPFInstall directly, without requiring a reinstallation of Npcap.

  • Expand the Npcap public license to allow 5 installations rather than only 1.

  • Fix memory layout and accounting when writing Radiotap headers in raw 802.11 monitor mode. Fixes #1001, #1028, and #1036.

Npcap 0.95 [2017-10-19]

  • When upgrading, existing installation options will be retrieved from the Registry. Command-line installer options will still override these.

  • The installer detects Win10pcap as distinct from WinPcap; since the installer cannot uninstall Win10pcap, WinPcap API-compatible mode will be disabled in the installer when it is present. Fixes #999.

  • The file is no longer dual-signed; since it was not a PE executable, only one signature is supported. The invalid signature was causing some installation failures. Fixes #994.

  • Silent installs will not downgrade the Npcap version unless the new /downgrade=yes option is given. Any version of Npcap OEM will be considered a "newer version" than any non-OEM version.

Npcap 0.94 [2017-08-29]

  • Npcap no longer prevents checksum offloading and Large Send Offloading on adapters that support them. This may cause problems with sniffing outgoing packets on those interfaces when those features are enabled, but users can disable them through standard Windows configuration means. Fixes #989

Npcap 0.93 [2017-07-27]

  • Move the driver's Service Registry values from the HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\npcap key to the Parameters subkey. Applying Windows upgrades such as Windows 10 Creators Update deletes nonstandard values from the service key; the Parameters subkey is where these should be stored instead.

  • Prevent the installer/uninstaller from crashing when faced with an incomplete Npcap installation, such as that created by applying a Windows version upgrade. Safely distinguish between old WinPcap installations and broken Npcap-in-WinPcap-API-mode installations. Fixes #906

Npcap 0.92 [2017-06-12]

  • Force overwrite of files in installer, since uninstallers from versions 0.78r5 through 0.81 do not remove npcap.sys, leading to mismatched driver vs DLL versions.

  • New installer commandline option to skip setting a restore point: /disable_restore_point=yes

Npcap 0.91 [2017-06-06]

  • Fix WiFi interruption with certain hardware. This is a regression introduced in Npcap 0.90, which had optimistically removed the fix from 0.10-r15.

Npcap 0.90 [2017-05-26]

  • Fix BSOD introduced in 0.85; Locking while being cleaned up is bad.

  • Fix WiFi interruption on Windows 7 in some circumstances, as demonstrated by inability to connect when Kaspersky Internet Security is installed.

Npcap 0.86 [2017-04-12]

  • Fix BSOD introduced in 0.85; wrong driver build had been packaged. Fixes #840

Npcap 0.85 [2017-04-10]

  • Fix BSOD by reverting to simpler pre-0.82 data structures but retaining the spinlock improvement that was the core of that fix.

Npcap 0.84 [2017-03-28]

  • Fix a failure of 64-bit Npcap when installed in Admin-Only mode. #814

Npcap 0.83 [2017-03-04]

  • Fix a crash caused by recieving loopback traffic after Windows starts to sleep. #721

  • Don't override CLI installer options like /wpcap_mode when WinPcap is found. #717

  • Restore the uninstaller instruction that deletes the npcap driver files.

Npcap 0.82 [2017-02-23]

  • Fix a crash that happened when many concurrent processes were using Npcap. If several of these quit during processing of a packet, the linked list of processes could become corrupted. Solved this by using a fixed array with copy-and-swap instead.

Npcap 0.81 [2017-02-16]

  • Moved distribution of executable installer to from Github.

  • Write log files in UTF-8 encoding to preserve localized error messages.

  • Report human-readable error when LWF filter fails to be installed.

  • Add *NdisDeviceType=1 key to registry for Loopback adapter. Fixes #653

Npcap 0.80 [2017-01-09]

  • Signed the uninstaller executable.

  • Removed the legacy code supporting Windows XP and earlier.

  • Added this CHANGELOG

  • Fixed a few null pointer dereferences that may have led to Blue Screens under some scenarios.

  • Restored changes from 0.78 r2 through 0.78 r4 that were accidentally omitted from 0.78 r5.

Npcap 0.78 r5 [2016-12-15]

  • Microsoft Attestation-signed drivers for Windows 10, required in Win10 1607. See #492

  • Removed Windows XP support from the executable installer. XP users can use WinPcap instead, as that is all that we were installing on that platform.

Npcap 0.78 r4 [2016-12-10]

  • Fixed the bug that "Npcap Loopback Adapter" can't be uninstalled.

Npcap 0.78 r3 [2016-12-10]

  • The uninstaller allows users to terminate processes that are using Npcap.

Npcap 0.78 r2 [2016-12-03]

  • The uninstaller lists the processes that are currently using Npcap, preventing a clean uninstall.

Npcap 0.78 [2016-11-23]

  • The uninstaller warns when it is unable to delete DLLs that are in use by applications.

Npcap 0.11 [2016-11-21]

  • Updated the WDK from 10.0.10586 to 10.0.14393.

Npcap 0.10 r18 [2016-11-08]

  • Improved the error message of invalid adapter name in WlanHelper.

Npcap 0.10 r17 [2016-11-07]

  • Built WlanHelper.exe in Unicode instead of Multi-Byte. This will fix the wrong display of non-English characters.

Npcap 0.10 r16 [2016-11-07]

  • Fixed the bug that some functions of WlanHelper.exe doesn't work.

Npcap 0.10 r15 [2016-11-05]

  • Fixed the bug that using Npcap to capture at the first time causes limited connectivity on Wi-Fi adapters.

Npcap 0.10 r14 [2016-11-03]

  • Fixed the bug that Npcap mode and WinPcap compatible mode can't use the loopback interface at the same time.

Npcap 0.10 r13 [2016-11-01]

  • Added the /sign_mode option for installer to choose to install SHA1-signed or SHA2-signed drivers.

Npcap 0.10 r12 [2016-10-25]

  • Fixed the issue that Nping shows both protocol unreachable and successful replies for "nping ".

Npcap 0.10 r11 [2016-10-24]

  • Fixed the issue that Nping shows both protocol unreachable and successful replies for "nping".

Npcap 0.10 r10 [2016-10-23]

  • The uninstaller will not show the finish page if run with "/Q".

Npcap 0.10 r9 [2016-10-17]

  • Fixed the BSoD that happens when the OS sleeps after using Npcap Loopback Adapter.

Npcap 0.10 r8 [2016-10-16]

  • Improved the error messages of WlanHelper.exe.

Npcap 0.10 r7 [2016-10-08]

  • Raw 802.11 capture is provided without re-installing the driver!

Npcap 0.10 r6 [2016-10-04]

  • Fixed the BSoD that NPF_RemoveFromGroupOpenArray() referenced the freed group head.

Npcap 0.10 r5 [2016-10-03]

  • Fixed the "PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA" BSoD about the group adapter removal reported by Pavel.

Npcap 0.10 r4 [2016-10-02]

  • Fixed some BSoDs that causes the system to halt.

Npcap 0.10 r3 [2016-10-02]

  • Now NPFInstall debug traces will be logged into C:\Program Files\Npcap\NPFInstall.log

Npcap 0.10 r2 [2016-09-21]

  • Fixed the BSoD that NPF_TapEx() accessed the CPU buffer of the OPEN_INSTANCE that was released.

Npcap 0.10 [2016-09-20]

  • Fixed the bug that PacketGetNetType() doesn't return the correct DLT_NULL value on Nmap.