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Build your personal life database, including of internet, taxi, sports and health data analysis.



Let's start

  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Modify the config file, such as celery, MySQL configuration, APP callback address and apps' client_id.
  • python manage.py initdb
  • python manage.py insert
  • python manage.py run


  • nginx+gunicorn+supervisor

Which app we support now

Which app we will support


  • Users first use GitHub account to sign in, after we get the authentication for the apps, the backend will to grab the app life data every day.
  • And then baymax will display the life data, including of walking, running, surfing the net time distribution, GitHub code submitted times and statistics.

The tech we use

  • Flask
  • sqlalchemy
  • Bootstrap
  • celery
  • redis


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