Speeduino - Arduino based engine management
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The Speeduino project is a flexible, fully featured Engine Management Systems (EMS aka ECU) based on the low cost and open source Arduino platform. It provides all standard engine management functions and is constantly growing to support more features and with wider engine compatibility.



Q: Arduino ECU,pffft, heard THAT before. Does this one actually work?

A: Yep! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 cylinder engines have all run using Speeduino. At last count over 300 engines were running on this platform, but this figure is growing all the time.


Q: So what can it do?

A: Take a look at this page for details: http://speeduino.com/wiki/index.php/Overview


Q: Target platform?

A: Arduino Mega (Or other ATmega1280 / ATmega2560 powered SKU) will be required. Standard arduino models are not suitable for multi-cylinder engines due to their lack of 16-bit timers. The shield board has been designed around the Mega and it is not expected that there will be a non-Mega variant.


Q: I'm trying to get started or need some general help. What should I do?

A: Support is all through the forum at: http://speeduino.com/forum


Q: I must know more! How can I contact you?

A: Come and visit the forum : http://speeduino.com/forum

If you still need some more info, feel free to jump on our Slack team: http://slack.speeduino.com:3000/