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I currently work on Speeduino outside of my primary employment however as the project has grown rapidly over the past 18 months I am hoping to turn this into a more full time prospect.

Developing a project like Speeduino with both hardware and software components also comes with additional costs for testing equipment, pre-production boards/components and automotive hardware for evaluation.

Your support as a sponsor will go directly to advancing Speeduino and help me dedicate more time and resources into the project. As always, all work on Speeduino will be open source so the whole community can benefit from this.

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Featured work

  1. noisymime/speeduino

    Speeduino - Arduino based engine management

  2. speeduino/SpeedyLoader

    Speeduino universal firmware loader

    CSS 38
  3. speeduino/kicad-parts

    A library of kicad symbols and footprints for parts used across the Speeduino boards

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Speeduino grows and flourishes because of people like you!

The ongoing work behind Speeduino, whilst open source, cannot continue without the financial support it receives and for this I am so thankful!

$10 a month


You rock! Your support helps me in maintaining the infrastructure behind Speeduino such as the forum, firmware hosting and wiki / manual. These things are so often overlooked but are critical parts of making Speeduino an accessible, user friendly system.

Thank you!

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Legend Tier!

Your support helps me work through hardware development by funding test boards and components that help improve future designs. All these designs are released as open source and benefit everyone in the community, but their development and testing relies upon amazing people like you to help support the costs associated with this!

Thank you SO much!

$40 a month



This kind of MASSIVE support is what helps me buy testing equipment that is invaluable in continuing both the hardware and firmware development for Speeduino. The tools for testing an ECU platform like this do not come cheap, but are invaluable in creating a better product for everyone.

I cannot possibly thank you enough for your support!