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npm version


This is a function I've been using for a while in other bits of code (my library code, as well as some other code I've been doing for clients).

I did it to make things a bit more efficient.


npm i assign-obj-params

or in a npm package

npm i assign-obj-params --save

Where its used (Open Source)


Case - Designing an API interface to an API

I know all the API interface parameters, however I'd like to hide it away a bit more neatly in the library itself

var requestinfo = {}; // This comes from the function or method

const assignFormParamsIfExist = require('assign-obj-params');
var formParams = {
    apikey: "apikey"

assignFormParamsIfExist(formParams, requestinfo, 'order_id');
assignFormParamsIfExist(formParams, requestinfo, 'pairing');

// After this formParams is built which can be used in the request.js library to send as an API request