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@riyazdf riyazdf released this Oct 1, 2016 · 463 commits to releases since this release


v0.4.1 (Superseded by v0.4.2)

  • Preliminary Windows support for notary client #970
  • Output message to CLI when repo changes have been successfully published #974
  • Improved error messages for client authentication errors and for the witness command #972
  • Support for finding keys that are anywhere in the notary directory's private directory, not just under private/root_keys or private/tuf_keys #981
  • Previously, on any error updating, the client would fall back on the cache. Now we only do so if there is a network error or if the server is unavailable or missing the TUF data. Invalid TUF data will cause the update to fail - for example if there was an invalid root rotation. #982

v0.4.0 (Superseded by v0.4.2)

  • Server-managed key rotations #889
  • Remove timestamp_keys table, which stored redundant information #889
  • Introduce notary delete command to delete local and/or remote repo data #895
  • Introduce notary witness command to stage signatures for specified roles #875
  • Add -p flag to offline commands to attempt auto-publish #886 #912 #923
  • Introduce notary reset command to manage staged changes #959 #856
  • Add --rootkey flag to notary init to provide a private root key for a repo #801
  • Introduce notary delegation purge command to remove a specified key from all delegations #855
  • Removed HTTP endpoint from notary-signer #870
  • Refactored and unified key storage #825
  • Batched key import and export now operate on PEM files (potentially with multiple blocks) instead of ZIP #825 #882
  • Add full database integration test-suite #824 #854 #863
  • Improve notary-server, trust pinning, and yubikey logging #798 #858 #891
  • Warn if certificates for root or delegations are near expiry #802
  • Warn if role metadata is near expiry #786
  • Reformat CLI table output to use the text/tabwriter package #809
  • Fix passphrase retrieval attempt counting and terminal detection #906
  • Fix listing nested delegations #864
  • Bump go version to 1.6.3, fix go1.7 compatibility #851 #793
  • Convert docker-compose files to v2 format #755
  • Validate root rotations against trust pinning #800
  • Update fixture certificates for two-year expiry window #951



notary-Darwin-amd64        0a7aa1356cc3f291844ecbd4632dc508a341dc15a2097deaa0d393ec37f95b54
notary-Linux-amd64         2ac583805c49a50e4b71003597f7fbee48393e836e9a0701671e079d1cd9c96d
notary-Windows-amd64.exe   bc2d527c41738bb4efaa4b7745e546cae4621a0752c72958648e8250fd365855  
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