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* Add support for channels in Nova

* Fix spec

* Add support for channels in Nova

* Fix spec

* Support OTP releases 20+

* Correct module name for calling pg-module

* Fix typo

* Changed -error to ?error

* Use an abstraction-layer for logger so we can support versions older than 22

* Use proper include_lib

* Use the rebar.config

* Add two older major versions of erlang

* Add clause for fetching stacktrace in older releases of Erlang

* Fix problem with older versions of erlang

* First attempt to dynamic configuration

* Fix script

* Commit lock file

* Add specs

* Fix dialyzer problems

* Bump version to 0.9.4

* Fix faulty cases

* Fix elvis errors

* added printout in rebar.config.script

* more debug

* more debug

* Remove thoas from lock-file

* Remove support for Erlang 20

* Bumped rebar3 version in workflow, we don't need to remove thoas as a dependency

* changed back to 3.15.0

* bumped routing_tree version

Co-authored-by: Daniel Widgren <>

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Simple. Fault-tolerant. Distributed.

  • Create a basic webpage in minutes
  • Using Erlang OTP to achieve both fault-tolerance and distribution

Build Status

Getting started

Start by adding the rebar3 template for Nova. This can be done by running the installation script;

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Manually with rebar.config

Add rebar3_nova to ~/.config/rebar3/rebar.config

{project_plugins, [rebar3_nova]}

After this is done use rebar3 to generate a new project with Nova.

rebar3 new nova my_first_nova

Supported Erlang versions

Nova is supported with OTP 22 and above.


Hex docs:

More on how things work can be read in the docs Getting Started.


Contribution is welcome to Nova. Check our CODE OF CONDUCT for more information. We will add features and bugs to the issues list.

Generating a Nova project

Start a new project with:

rebar3 new nova my_first_nova

That will generate a Nova project for you.

rebar3 nova serve

This will fetch all dependencies and compile. After the compilation it will start a shell that says which port it is running on and a few debug lines.

When the shell is started, open a browser and go to localhost:8080 which will point to the my_first_nova server running Nova.

Important links