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Npgsql is the .NET data provider for Postgresql. It allows any program developed for .NET framework to access a Postgresql database server. It is implemented in 100% C# code. Postgresql versions since 9.0 are officially supported, others may work.
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.nuget Revert "Hacked nuget.targets to work on Windows/mono"
.teamcity/npgsql TeamCity change in 'Npgsql' project: Pausing this pending stabilizati…
AsyncGenerator Fix bug in AsyncGenerator that prevents Npgsql from being built.
Npgsql.EntityFramework Upgrading EF version to 6.1.2 and make Union All / Intersect compatible
Npgsql Throw exception on invalid UTF8 string
NpgsqlDdexProvider Removed #ifdef WINDOWS and UNMANAGED
Tools Added execute bit to some EXEs
docs Add doxygen outputdir to .gitignore
lib/Mono.Security/4.0 Drop .NET 2.0 and 3.5
packages Auto-generate async counterparts to sync operations
tests Throw exception on invalid UTF8 string
.editorconfig Added .editorconfig file
.gitattributes Fixes to .gitattributes and .gitignore
.gitignore Add nuget packages content folders to ignore, as suggested by Shay
CommonAssemblyInfo.cs Bumped version to 3.0.0-beta1
LICENSE.txt Changes to project README and related
Npgsql.doxyfile Tweaks to doxygen
Npgsql.snk Reorganized Entity Framework support
Npgsql2010.sln Drop .NET 2.0 and 3.5
Npgsql2012.sln Drop .NET 2.0 and 3.5
Npgsql2013.sln Fixes to sln
Npgsql2013.sln.DotSettings Throw exception on invalid UTF8 string Update

Npgsql - .NET Data Provider for PostgreSQL

What Is Npgsql?

Npgsql is a .Net Data Provider for PostgreSQL. It allows you to connect and interact with PostgreSQL server using .NET.

Project Information


Developers who contributes to Npgsql currently or in past, in no particular order:

  • Brar Piening
  • Francisco Figueiredo Jr.
  • Ben Clewett
  • Daniel Morgan
  • Dave Page
  • Ulrich Sprick
  • Glen Parker
  • Josh Cooley
  • Jon Asher
  • Chris Morgan
  • Thilo Utke
  • Hiroshi Saito
  • Shay Rojansky
  • Kenji Uno
  • Emil Lenngren


Refer LICENSE.txt for more information on license terms.

Code history

On December 2nd, we committed a change to restructure Npgsql code. This change modified file locations and unfortunately made the complete modification history of those files to not be available anymore through GitHub interface directly. This stackoverflow post documents a way to access the history before the rename: You just need to access the object tree before the rename and then you can see the rest of the file history. In the case of this rename, this is the tree:

On September 15th, we committed another change to restructure Npgsql code. The tree which contains the code before this change is this:

This will help future searches for the history of the files. Note that you stil can access the complete history of the file through command line: git log --follow ./newflodername/file

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