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🆎4️⃣ Address Book sample application (Level 4)
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Due to an ongoing issue[1] with some of the newer versions of IntelliJ,
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successfully since we have already imported the dependencies through

This may cause confusion amongst users.

Let's update the "Setting up" section to address this issue, and how
to resolve it.

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Address Book (Level 4)

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  • This is a desktop Address Book application. It has a GUI but most of the user interactions happen using a CLI (Command Line Interface).

  • It is a Java sample application intended for students learning Software Engineering while using Java as the main programming language.

  • It is written in OOP fashion. It provides a reasonably well-written code example that is significantly bigger (around 6 KLoC)than what students usually write in beginner-level SE modules.

  • What’s different from level 3:

    • A more sophisticated GUI that includes a list panel and an in-built Browser.

    • More test cases, including automated GUI testing.

    • Support for Build Automation using Gradle and for Continuous Integration using Travis CI.


Licence : MIT

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