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Github repository to help the Nuxeo Community to enrich Nuxeo Platform by providing samples of Studio contributions
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Nuxeo Studio Community Cookbook

This repository aims at helping the Nuxeo Community to enrich Nuxeo Studio projects. It provides a list of features and visual elements ready to be copy-pasted. The modules are for LTS 2019:

  • They can be unrelated to the UI (to provide new backend features, such as utilities to handle multimedia files, specific conversions, email templates etc.).
  • They can provide UI elements for Nuxeo Web UI, or any frontend application.

Module listing

ℹ️ Click on the module thumbnail to view the module contributions.

Latest Modules

Module Description Author Category
Automation Script Utilities Nuxeo Automation
Comment Indexing Nuxeo Search
Preview EML Files Nuxeo Conversion
Permanently delete all trashed documents Nuxeo Automation
Document QR Code Nuxeo Business Logics
Bulk Workflow Reassignment Nuxeo Workflow
Add a progress bar Nuxeo Layout

Tips and Tricks

Module Description Author
Tips and tricks to implement backend logics with Studio Modeler Nuxeo
Tips and tricks to design elements within Studio Designer Nuxeo
Automation Script Utilities Nuxeo


Module Description Contributor
Display EML Preview Nuxeo
Add a progress bar Nuxeo
Inject HTML into a page using bound data Nuxeo
Visual Dashboard with pictures Nuxeo
Custom Nuxeo Suggestion Display Nuxeo
Collapsible Element Nuxeo
Inline card property edition Nuxeo
Display Salesforce metadata Nuxeo
Show/hide the value of a secret field Nuxeo
Display Document Relations Nuxeo


Module Description Contributor
Sets the video poster and search thumbnail Nuxeo
Additional video conversions Nuxeo


Module Description Contributor
Extract text from an image-based PDF with Google Vision Nuxeo
Display sensitive data details contained in a document Nuxeo

Security / Authentication / User and Group Management

Module Description Contributor
Bulk Workflow Reassignment Nuxeo
Map SAML user attributes to Nuxeo Nuxeo
Display sensitive data details contained in a document Nuxeo
Show/hide the value of a secret field Nuxeo


Module Description Contributor
Monitor workflow instances status Nuxeo
Display Kibana dashboards in the "Analytics" menu Nuxeo
Generic Web UI Analytic Dashboards Nuxeo

Business Logics

Module Description Contributor
Delete and Update Document Lifecycle state of versioned documents Nuxeo
Convert date to timestamp Nuxeo
Display Document Relations Nuxeo
Permanently delete all trashed documents Nuxeo
Automation Script Utilities Nuxeo


Module Description Contributor
Email templates Nuxeo


Module Description Contributor
Display Salesforce metadata Nuxeo

Getting Started

There is nothing to build. Each module generally contains:

  • XML extension, page providers, automation chain or automation scripting into Nuxeo Studio Modeler.
  • Layouts, contributions within the Nuxeo bundle file, HTML resources, medias that should be created in Nuxeo Studio Designer.

You can clone the repository locally:

git clone


A Nuxeo Studio Account as well as an active Nuxeo Studio Project is needed. You can create an account from our registration page and benefit from a free 30-day trial to get access to:

  • Nuxeo Studio, the web-based configuration and customization environment
  • Nuxeo Marketplace, the application store with ready-to-install plugins and packages

Repository Structuration

Each new module should be created in a specific folder:

  • /modules/nuxeo: Contributions from the Nuxeo Team, for demos, PoC or tests.
  • /modules/partners: Contributions from the Nuxeo Partner Ecosystem.
  • /modules/community: Contributions from the Nuxeo Community.


You have to follow the repository contribution guidelines when submitting a new addon:

  • If you're a partner, create your partner folder under /modules/partners/ if it doesn't exist already. Then, create the readme file to present your company and your contributions. We provide a README-PARTNER.MD template.
  • Create a README file to present your module, using the README-MODULE.MD template.
  • Create a /modeler and /designer folders to upload respectively resources from Nuxeo Studio Modeler and Nuxeo Studio Designer.
  • Upload your resources.
  • Push your changes
    • If you're from Nuxeo, reference your addon in this page.
    • If not, you won't be allowed to push directly to master. Your pull request will be then checked by the Nuxeo Team before being published.
  • Et voilà! 😉


⚠️ These features are not part of the Nuxeo Production platform.

These solutions are provided for inspiration and we encourage customers to use them as code samples and learning resources.

This is a moving project (no API maintenance, no deprecation process, etc.) If any of these solutions are found to be useful for the Nuxeo Platform in general, they will be integrated directly into platform, not maintained here.

Nuxeo Labs

You can access complete Nuxeo Marketplace addons on Nuxeo Marketplace - Nuxeo Labs category (done for PoC and test purposes)



Apache License, Version 2.0

About Nuxeo

Nuxeo, developer of the leading Content Services Platform, is reinventing enterprise content management (ECM) and digital asset management (DAM). Nuxeo is fundamentally changing how people work with data and content to realize new value from digital information. Its cloud-native platform has been deployed by large enterprises, mid-sized businesses and government agencies worldwide. Customers like Verizon, Electronic Arts, ABN Amro, and the Department of Defense have used Nuxeo's technology to transform the way they do business. Founded in 2008, the company is based in New York with offices across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Learn more at

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