Downgrade warning dialog is visually broken #5325

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Reported by nishimotz on 2015-08-29 14:18
Downgrade warning dialog of NVDA 2015.3 introduced by #5037 is visually broken.
Proceed and Cancel buttons are not shown in the window correctly.

The following patch should fix this:

diff --git a/source/gui/ b/source/gui/
index 8438921..4ddb712 100644
--- a/source/gui/
+++ b/source/gui/
@@ -161,8 +161,11 @@ def showInstallGui():
            # Translators: The label of a button to proceed with installation,
            # even though this is not recommended.
            label=_("&Proceed with installation (not recommended)"))
+       sizer.Add(item)
        item = wx.Button(d, id=wx.ID_CANCEL)
+       sizer.Add(item)
+       mainSizer.Add(sizer)
        d.Sizer = mainSizer
        d.Center(wx.BOTH | wx.CENTER_ON_SCREEN)
@jcsteh jcsteh removed the Untriaged label Nov 13, 2015
@jcsteh jcsteh added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 23, 2015
@jcsteh jcsteh Fixed the visual appearance of the buttons in the warning dialog whic…
…h is displayed when you attempt to downgrade NVDA.

Fixes #5325.
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