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Also fixed a li'l bug (I changed a lazy-loaded property name without changing a place where I set its underlying property; whoops) which made searching absurdly slow.

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  is a Python interface and script for getting khinsider soundtracks. It makes khinsider mass downloads a breeze. It's easy to use - check it!

From the command line (i.e. regular usage): jumping-flash

As an import (for when you're programming):

import khinsider'jumping-flash')
# And bam, you've got the Jumping Flash soundtrack!

For anime music, check out

Carefully put together by @obskyr!

Download it here!


Just run from the command line with the sole parameter being the soundtrack you want to download. You can either use the soundtrack's ID, or simply copy its entire URL. Easy!

If you want, you can also add another parameter as the output folder, but that's optional.

You can also download other file formats (if available), like FLAC or OGG, as following: --format flac mother-3

If you don't want to go to the actual site to look for soundtracks, you can also just type a search term as the first parameter(s), and provided it's not a valid soundtrack, will give you a list of soundtracks matching that term.

You're going to need Python (if you don't know which version to get, choose the latest version of Python 3 - works with both 2 and 3), so install that (and add it to your path) if you haven't already.

You will also need to have pip installed (if you have Python 3, it is most likely already installed - otherwise, download and run it) if you don't already have requests and Beautiful Soup 4. The first time runs, it will install these two for you.

For more detailed information, try running --help!

As a module requires two non-standard modules: requests and beautifulsoup4. Just run a pip install on them (with pip), or just run on its own once and it'll install them for you.

Here are the main functions you will be using:[, path="", makeDirs=True, formatOrder=None, verbose=False])

Download the soundtrack soundtrackName. This should be the name the soundtrack uses at the end of its album URL.

If path is specified, the soundtrack files will be downloaded to the directory that path points to.

If makeDirs is True, the directory will be created if it doesn't exist.

You can specify formatOrder to download soundtracks in specific formats. formatOrder=['flac', 'mp3'], for example, will download FLACs if available, and MP3s if not.

If verbose is True, it will print progress as it is downloading.

Search khinsider for term. Return a list of Soundtracks matching the search term. You can then access or soundtrack.url.


There's a lot more detail to the API - more than would be sensible to write here. If you want to use as a module in a more advanced capacity, have a look at the Soundtrack, Song, and File objects in the source code! They're documented properly there for your reading pleasure.

Talk to me!

You can easily get to me in these ways:

I'd love to hear it if you like! If there's a problem, or you'd like a new feature, submit an issue here on GitHub.


A script for khinsider mass downloads. Get video game soundtracks quickly and easily! Also a Python interface.







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