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🐬 Ocean Protocol's brand assets for community distribution.


All assets in this repo can also be viewed and downloaded from You'll find a living style guide there too.

Brand Assets


It's encouraged to use this repo as a dependency within your projects to keep the assets in sync.

The whole repo is published as a npm module so just run for installation:

npm i @oceanprotocol/art

Then in your app, you can import the required assets:

import logo from '@oceanprotocol/art/logo/logo.svg'

function MyComponent() {
  return <img src={logo} />


Our branding typefaces are Sharp Sans Medium/Bold in use as body text, and Sharp Sans Display No. 1 Bold for headings.

Those are commercial fonts and the license doesn't allow us to distribute them. Hence you won't find them in this repository. If you're a member of the Ocean Protocol team, ask a designer to hand you the font files.

If you only need them for use on the web, you can use the private typographies npm package, or grab the font files itself from inside the private site repo's fonts folder.


All assets are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.